Attend the AltLegal Conference for Solos and Boutiques

I don’t promote many conferences here so when I do, you know it’s a not to be missed event. But that’s how I felt after seeing the agenda for trademark docketing platform AltLegal ‘s first conference, AltLegal Connect  which will take place Sunday March 22-Tuesday March 24, 2020 in Brooklyn, New York. 

As AltLegal describes, AltLegal Connection  is

a different kind of trademark conference specifically for solo and boutique trademark practices. Alt Legal Connect 2020 features over a dozen sessions designed to help you level up your firm operations, get CLE credit, and ensure you know the latest  developments in trademark law.

Alt Legal Connect 2020 includes a brilliant and diverse roster of speakers from in-house legal departments and leading law firms that will discuss ideas ranging from cannabis trademarks to digital marketing and subscription billing for trademark services. Aside from relevant and timely CLE content, there will be lots of networking opportunities (including a reception at Brooklyn Brewery).

And though AltLegal Connect’s copy sounds great, it also underplays what I see as the real benefits of the conference.

First and most importantly, there are neither manels nor tokens on the AltLegal agenda. Instead, the speakers are a diverse group – largely women and women of color – who are speaking precisely because they are first in class.  Even if you know or care nothing about trademarks, this event is worthwhile just to see how women like Shabnam Malek , Sonia Lakhany, Ticora Davis , Kim Bennett,  Niki Black , Karima Gulick and others have built amazing reputations as leaders and innovators in their respective space.

Second, the agenda boasts sessions on digital marketing, brand building, subscription services and new technology that are valuable not just for trademark practitioners but any solo and small law firms.  

Finally, though conferences can be pricey, AltLegal Connect is still offering some  great discounts  -and if you use the code myshingle, you’ll save an additional $75.

Increasingly, there are so many conferences to choose from in the legal space. Whether you currently practice trademark law, want to learn more about trademark law or simply want to gain new ideas about new ways to practice law from a diverse panel, AltLegal is one conference to add to your list.