Questions About Law in The Time of Coronavirus? Join Us March 27 For Answers.

For over seventeen years, MyShingle has been here for solo and small firm lawyers as a silent partner behind your practice. We’ve cheered solo and small law firms during  times of triumph  and allayed your fears and encouraged you to find the courage to take risks  or simply start.  

And now, in unprecedented times of uncertainty, MyShingle has your back.  At 4 PM ET FRIDAY MARCH 27, MyShingle is sponsoring a live webinar on Law in the Time of Corona Virus.  There’s no set topic like going remote or finding a niche – just general encouragement on getting through unbearable uncertainty and stress from someone who’s been there — me.  After that, the floor is yours.  In advance of the webinar, please send a question on any topic that’s on your mind by Thursday March 26, 2020 and we’ll go through them during the call.  

To register, fill out this form here – and you’ll receive the information about the webinar.  Hope to see you there.