Make 2021 the Year You Start Your Law Firm

OK, so 2020 hasn't exactly been a banner year. But look at it this way - things can only get better next year. And one way that you might consider making 2021 better is by making it the year that you start your law firm.

I've been hosting this webinar annually for a few years because it's so important. There are plenty of courses that will tell you HOW to start a firm once you've made the decision to do it. But there are few places that will offer the upside of why you might want to think about starting a firm, regardless of what stage you're at in your career.

I've blogged at for almost 18 years, and run my own practice even longer than that. I'm up to date on current trends in starting law firms, and can give you examples of nearly every type of business model.

This past year has taught us that the world can always surprise us.  There's nothing certain so why not bet on yourself and put something out into the world that will last even after you are gone.  More than ever, 2021 is a time for rebirth. A time for risk. A time to take a chance on yourself.  Whether you've always dreamed of starting your own firm or only now considered it because there seem to be no other options, join me for this webinar and learn more about starting a firm.

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