MyShingle 30-Minute MOOC: Paid, Non-Refundable & Automated Client Consultations

Do you spend your time sitting through a bunch of free webinars with so much great content that it’s too overwhelming to implement?  Or do you register for a bunch of calls and then back out because your schedule is too cluttered?  And then, of course, there are those calls that are all fluff that keep the meat hidden behind a paywall.

Well, maybe there’s a better way.  That’s why I’ve come up with the idea of the 30-minute MOOC (massive open online course).  We’ll take a half-hour and tackle a specific problem and get the job done.  Will the 30-minute MOOC systemate and automate your entire firm?  Of course not.  But by getting a single matter under control, you’ll see the difference and be encouraged to work towards a longer term solution.

The MOOC webinars will always be free (both live and recorded); for some, there may be a cost for add-ons like forms or personalized review.  But there’s no obligation. To register for our first MOOC, click here.

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