Solo By Choice

Let’s Make Solo by Choice A #1 Bestseller

The 3rd edition of Solo by Choice is now available on Amazon and I want to make it a #1 bestseller. Why?

Because every law student can recite the starting salary of a biglaw attorney but can’t recite the benefits of starting a law firm.

Because every lawyer re-evaluating their work post-pandemic deserves to know how owning a law firm can change the trajectory of their career

Because every lawyer who dreams of starting a law firm should be able to access a comprehensive, affordable guide that lays out everything that needs to be done to launch in 350+ substance-stuffed pages.

That’s my why. But I need your help to get me to the #1 bestseller spot on Amazon. I’ve arranged for a special $25 promotional price for the book which will be available for the next 72 hours only! Please pick up a copy for yourself and anyone else you know who might appreciate the book and help me make it to #1.

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