Is Cold Calling for Lawyers Obsolete?

In the past, when I embarked on a new venture or needed to find work or referrals quickly, I’d typically make both warm calls (to colleagues I know) as well as cold calls to prospects who I might find in a specialty bar directory or on a law firm website. But as I ramp up for a little cold call action, I got to thinking: are cold calls for business completely and utterly obsolete?

For starters, many business-people today, lawyers included, rarely use the phone anymore and instead communicate by email and text. And somewhat counter-intuitively, the pandemic contributed to the death of the cold call by bumping communications to Zoom, which albeit convenient, requires advance planning.

So what do you think? Do you still cold call for business? If you’re interested, here’s an interview I did with an executive recruiter on cold calls as well as two past posts here and here.

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