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30-Minute MOOC

Automating Foolproof, Non-Refundable, Paid Client Consultations & Strategy Sessions...in a Half-Hour or Less

So it’s five p.m. and you’ve been on the phone all day fielding intake calls and questions from prospective client...with nothing to show for yourself.

Sure, you could charge a fee for consultations - but is it really worth it to bother setting up a meeting, doing the consultation, sending out an invoice for $150 and chasing down payment?

Or to accept payment and ask for refund needs ?

Well - if that’s how you’re doing paid consultations you’re doing them wrong.  Join me for the first MyShingle 30-Minute MOOC (massive open online course) where I’ll show you how to automate foolproof, paid client consultations or strategy sessions in 30 minutes or less.  We’ll cover:

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Why you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t offer paid consultation or strategy sessions;

How to put a paid, consultation scheduling process on auto-pilot in under a half-hour, including gathering the information you need for an effective session, and preventing no-shows

The magic language you need so that you can ethically impose a no refund policy.

WHEN: Friday, October 22, 2021 - 2 pm - 2:30 pm ET WHERE: Online

COST:  The MOOC is free to attend - or you can pay $59.00 and receive 5 plug-and-play templates for free consultation language, a workflow chart and step-by-step screen shot guide for implementation.  Or - for $199.00, you can purchase the entire LegalClauseIt, with an 88-page guide to all of the contracts and agreements needed for a modern practice along with 30 template agreements (for more information on Legal ClauseIt, see [NOTE: if you have previously purchased the LegalClauseIt Product prior to October 14, 2021, you will receive the MOOC and templates at NO added charge so no need to re-register].

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