7-Figure EBook Re-Launched with Revised Curriculum and Special Offers

When it comes to legal marketing, there’s no such thing as a silver bullet.

Or maybe there is.

As I discovered somewhat accidentally in my law practice, the e-book is the least expensive and most effective marketing tool out there. This humble ebook that I created back in 2010 has since generated seven figures in business for my practice, and continues to drive clients to my firm.  


So what’s an ebook?

You can watch the video  here - but essentially, an ebook is an informational piece of content that compiles what you know about a given subject matter into one place, using different devices to break up the monotony such as FAQs, process charts, checklists, assessments and underlying source material. 

Why does an ebook work so well?

• An ebook educates potential clients about their legal problem and establishes you as a trusted authority on he subject;

• An ebook demonstrates expertise to other lawyers or professionals who encounter this particular issue in their practices and may need to make a referral;

• An ebook serves as a resource for overwhelmed government agencies, community groups and other organizations to pass on to members and in essence, do your marketing for you.

But if an ebook works so well, why aren’t more lawyers doing them?

There’s a couple of reasons for that:

• Ebooks are proven, but they’re not sexy - and many lawyers - encouraged by marketers - often flit to what’s shiny and new instead of what’s tried and true;

• Lawyers often don’t think that they have the time to create an ebook.


That’s the problem that 7-Figure Ebook is designed to address. 

We've created a 6 Lesson Independent Study Program that will take you through the steps of organizing, outlining, drafting and marketing your ebook.

Here's what the 6 Lesson Independent Study Program Includes:

A 20-PAGE WORKBOOK that will show you the 7 I's of an effective ebook:

  • Ideal Client & Ideal Case
  • Interconnections
  • Identify Subject
  • Index It
  • Ink It
  • Introduce it

The workbook contains more than 7 mini-exercises to help you brainstorm topics and organize your content as quickly as possible.



Assignment No. 1 - Outline the Ebook

Assignment No. 2 - Outline and Write A Chapter

Assignment No. 3 - Why & How To Delegating Drafting  Your Ebook (includes resources for outsourcing options)

Assignment No. 4- The Excitement of Extra’s and the Fabulous FAQ Section  (includes examples of charts, forms and templates that you might include)

Assignment No. 5 - Your Bio Page and Legal Disclaimers and Protection (includes disclaimer language)

Assignment No. 6 - Creating 6 Marketing Campaigns to Launch the Ebook Into the World (includes marketing cheatsheets and templates)

All of these materials will take you through the same process that I used when I created my 7-Figure Ebook that continues to attract clients nearly nine years later! Plus, they'll help you create evergreen content that will continue to generate business for you throughout 2019

Beginning January 1, 2019, the 7-Figure Ebook Independent Study Program will be priced at $199. But if you buy through the end of 2018, you'll receive a discounted holiday price of just $139. All of the program materials are complete, and available for download IMMEDIATELY after you remit payment.

In addition, if you purchase now, you have the option of adding on a 2-Hour LIVE Online Workshop for an additional $50.  The Workshop is scheduled for January 8, 2019, and you'll have an opportunity to "workshop" your draft and also receive feedback on your marketing plan. The Workshop add-on is only available if you purchase the Independent Study Program before the end of the year.

SPECIAL: Want to purchase unlimited 7 Figure Ebook licenses for your entire law firm team?

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