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part time law practice

Contrary to popular belief, practicing law doesn’t have to be a 24/7 proposition.  Nor is success defined by how many hours you bill.

If you agree, then maybe it’s time to say hello to the part-time law firm practice.

No matter your reasons – whether you're caring for family, transitioning to retirement, waiting out a job-start deferral, seeking a second source of income or fueling another personal passion – a part-time practice can help you achieve professional and personal satisfaction as well as your financial goals all on your terms.

In this FREE 90-minute webinar, you will learn about the following topics:

🔥 The Allure of the Part-Time Pathway: You’ll take a deep dive into the compelling reasons that make part-time law practice not just viable, but potentially more rewarding and fulfilling than its full-time counterpart.

💼 Finding A Part-Time Practice Area and Biz Model: You’ll learn what practice area characteristics make for a good part-time practice choice.  And you’ll also explore the range of unique business models for delivering part-time legal services including an after-hours practice and offering ‘of counsel” services to other law firms.

🎖️ Distinguishing Passion from Pastime: A part-time practice isn’t merely an extension of a hobby.  You’ll gain familiarity with strategies to ensure the professionalism of your part-time venture, not just for the sake of business, but to comply with applicable tax law.

🌐 Tech-Savviness Fuels Part-Time Practice: Undeniably, technology fuels the part-time practice by empowering lawyers to accomplish more in fewer hours.  You’ll learn about tech tools and outsourcing services that will give you full time capability on a part-time schedule.

⏰Time Management:  If you don’t avoid time creep in your part-time practice, you may find yourself with a full time job. To avoid that outcome, you’ll learn a few time management tips to stay on course and enforce boundaries.

🛒Marketing and Finding Clients: With hours limited, you’ll need to market your part-time practice as efficiently as possible.  You’ll learn how to best position your practice and message to attract ideal clients, and use tech and generative AI to develop content to promote your services.

⚖️ Ethical and Legal Considerations of Part-Time Practice: Part-time practices can raise ethics and legal questions, particularly if you’re running your practice while employed.  We’ll address these issues and offer solutions, as well as suggestions for malpractice insurance (spoiler alert: it’s cheaper than you might imagine).


The program will be presented by Carolyn Elefant, owner of the Law Offices of Carolyn Elefant which she operated part-time when her children were young, creator of the longest-running blog on solo and small law firm practice that’s helped thousands of solos launch and author of “Solo by Choice: How to Start a Firm and Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted To Be” and “Social Media for Lawyers: The Next Frontier,”  Carolyn also served on ABA TECHSHOW Planning Board 2023, and co-captained the 350-person Lawyer Mom Owner virtual summit in the midst of the pandemic.  Carolyn has been listed as an Energy and Environmental Super Lawyer since 2012 and was named an ABA Legal Rebel (2010), a Fastcase 50 Innovator (2011) and an ABA Woman of Legal Tech (2014).

Are you ready to give your full time attention to a part-time law practice?

This webinar has already taken place, but you can get the recording and other materials by signing up below:


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