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As a long time commentator and respected authority on solo and small firm practice trends, ethics of social media and solo practice and the future of law, Carolyn is frequently quoted in the legal and mainstream press about these topics. Below is a sample collection of recent quotes.

N.J. State Bar Likes ‘Virtual Office’ Ban but Women Lawyers Raise Bias Concern, New Jersey Law Journal, (April 1, 2010)(quoted on bias created by NJ residency requirements)

‘Virtual Offices’ Aren’t Bona Fide, N.J. Committees Say, New Jersey Law Journal, March 29, 2010( quoted on bias of NJ residency requirements to solos)

Legal Sites Plan Revamps, New York Times, (Jan. 25, 2010)(quoted on free versus free legal research services)

So You Want to Go Solo? Are You Sure? ABA Journal, November 2009 (quoted as expert on solo practice).

Many Lawyers Are Using Technology to Save Money During the Downturn, Lawyers Weekly, Canada, Arnold Ceballos (June 12, 2009)(technology use and use of virtual assistance profiled).

Risks and Rewards of New Law Firm, National Law Journal, February 9, 2009 (quoted on benefits of starting a law firm)

Where are all the female bloggers?,, Oct 8, 2008 (quoted).

Becoming a solo success story, Lawyers Weekly, Canada, Michael Rappaport (August 8, 2008)(profiled as author of Solo by Choice).

Using Social Networking to Connect to Clients, Lawyers and Others , Charles Beans, ABA Litigation News (2008).

Carolyn Elefant Wants to Be the Voice of Solo Lawyers, Washington Legal Times, Debra Bruno (March 27, 2008)(profiling Solo by Choice).

The Falling Down Profession by Alex Williams, New York Times (January 8, 2008)(quoted on legal profession trends).

Going Solo, Washington Lawyer, Joan Indiana Rigdon (January 2006)(profiled as a part time solo).

It’s Not Your Father’s Website, Law Practice Management (July/August 2005)(quoted/profiled on blogging)

Do You Blog?, Washington Lawyer, Sarah Kellogg (April 2005)(quoted on blogging and