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Make Money Monday: Look Ahead Or Be Left Behind

Recently in one of my online lawyers groups, an attorney lamented that her state bar association had made self-help forms available for family law litigants at no cost and in addition, had started conducting free trainings to help users complete the forms. The attorney reported that many of her family law attorney colleagues are up…

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Make Money Monday: Hold Your Own Prime Day

Last Monday and Tuesday, online behemoth Amazon held its fifth annual Prime Day, a shopping holiday  of a sort where Amazon offers exclusive bargains and deals to Amazon Prime customers. The benefits of Prime Day are self-evident: Amazon can show appreciation for existing customers by offering deep discounts while racking up sales – to the…

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Make Money Mondays: Marketing to Millionaires

Post Update 7/8/19 noon: Apparently I spoke to soon in recommending a purchase of Marketing to the Affluent prior to reading it. I’ve been receiving some negative feedback from those who bought the book both about Kennedy’s political views as well as the organization of the material in the book and its value. I’ll read…

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Make Money Mondays: Make It Mobile

A recent study  from Pew Internet  found that 37 percent of U.S. adults mostly use a smartphone to access the Internet. That share has nearly doubled since 2013, when only 19 percent of Americans identified their phone as their primary advice for going online.  So why has the number of phone-internet connection increased? Forty-five percent…

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Make Money Mondays: Improving Client Service

Retail industries have long recognized that great customer service goes a long way towards retaining clients, encouraging favorable reviews and increasing overall revenues.   In fact, there’s a great article from Small Business Trends  that offers ten examples of customer service from brands that went the extra mile.  Now, not all of these ideas from…

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Make Money Mondays: Summer Projects

Although summer conjures up visions of lazy weekends by the pool and hectic family vacations, for me, summer has always been the season to move discretionary projects off my checklist.  With many of the forums where I practice in recess for some or all of the summer and clients working short weeks, I often have…

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Make Money Mondays: Security As A Selling Point, Part II

Eight and a half long years ago, I suggested that solo and small law firms share their security practices with clients as an added selling point for their practices. Of course, back in 2010, many solos and smalls hadn’t yet started using the cloud, email was still considered relatively secure and paper-less and virtual law…

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Don’t Sell What You Do But What Your Clients Can Do If They Hire You

This morning as I strode through metro en route to my office, I spied a green column emblazoned with a checklist of items – hotdogs, plates, charcoal and lights and a tagline that read “BBQ, delivered.” Interesting, I thought to myself — I’d been meaning to host a law-firm sponsored summer get-together for years now…

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