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Make Money Mondays: Improving Client Service

Retail industries have long recognized that great customer service goes a long way towards retaining clients, encouraging favorable reviews and increasing overall revenues.   In fact, there’s a great article from Small Business Trends  that offers ten examples of customer service from brands that went the extra mile.  Now, not all of these ideas from…

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Make Money Mondays: Summer Projects

Although summer conjures up visions of lazy weekends by the pool and hectic family vacations, for me, summer has always been the season to move discretionary projects off my checklist.  With many of the forums where I practice in recess for some or all of the summer and clients working short weeks, I often have…

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Make Money Mondays: Security As A Selling Point, Part II

Eight and a half long years ago, I suggested that solo and small law firms share their security practices with clients as an added selling point for their practices. Of course, back in 2010, many solos and smalls hadn’t yet started using the cloud, email was still considered relatively secure and paper-less and virtual law…

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Don’t Sell What You Do But What Your Clients Can Do If They Hire You

This morning as I strode through metro en route to my office, I spied a green column emblazoned with a checklist of items – hotdogs, plates, charcoal and lights and a tagline that read “BBQ, delivered.” Interesting, I thought to myself — I’d been meaning to host a law-firm sponsored summer get-together for years now…

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Make Money Mondays: Senior Moments

Today, the average life expectancy is 78.6 years for men and 81. 1 years for women. Yet while longevity increases, services that cater to older Americans have not – or at least not yet.   However, as Fast Company reports, the business of growing old is a 15 trillion dollar industry.  For lawyers, aging populations…

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Are Our Stories Sacred – Or Just A Sales Pitch?

Back when my next-in-age sister and I were very little, we’d hop off the school bus and careen into the house where we’d plop down at the kitchen table to inhale the after school snack that our mom set out. As we munched our Ritz crackers or ShopRite brand oreos, we’d joke around, trying to…

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Make Money Mondays: Make A Choice To Employ Voice

Last week, I gifted my 81-year old mom an Alexa Echo  and set up the app for her before returning home. My mom is not what you’d call a tech-savvy octogenarian: to the contrary, she calls me several times a week to check the weather on my computer or look up a doctor online because she…

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Part II – Pick Your Favorite E-Newsletter Look

In yesterday’s post , I provided the reasons that your firm should consider creating a newsletter along with a table summarizing the features of the most popular products available. Given that most of the features are identical, the “eyes” have it – meaning that the look and feel of the product will dictate your decision.…

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