Don’t Be Your Own Glass Ceiling

September 28, 2020

This recent article highlights some great advice by More Than A Woman author Caitlin Moran: if you want a career and kids, then don’t marry a glass ceiling.  Moran cautions that for women balancing parenting and a profession, their prospects can come to a grinding halt if the person they partner with or marry isn’t…

Make Money: Pandemic Trendspotting

August 19, 2020

To paraphrase an old Yiddush saying, men and women plan, pandemic laughs.  Take a look at some of completely unexpected winners…and losers recently anointed by the pandemic: With the population housebound, rideshare companies like Uber…

Lawyer, Mom, Owner: One Thousand Strong, One Virtual Summit to Rule Them All

August 14, 2020

If you haven’t read it elsewhere, MyShingle along with a few other lawyer mom owners is planning a virtual summit to celebrate and empower lawyer|mom|firm owners. We’re planning some AMAZING and diverse keynote speakers, panels…

This Post’s for the Girls

August 14, 2020

Back in the day –almost twenty years ago — when I spent more time with my daughters in the span of a day than I do in a week now that they’re grown, one of…

Make Money Monday: Use It or Lose It

August 3, 2020

A couple of months before the pandemic hit, tidy-up evangelist Marie Kondo released a new book, Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life , which applies Kondo’s decluttering principles to the workplace context.  As this…

Make Money Mondays: Replace What’s Not Coming Back With Something Better

June 30, 2020

In one fell swoop, COVID-19  put an end to salad bars, hot-food buffets and other types of self-serve operations that have become popularized in takeout restaurants and grocery stores over the past decade.  And even…

Make Money Mondays: Three Time’s the Charm

June 22, 2020

Have you ever considered a new practice area or business model for your law firm but weren’t sure whether it had legs? If you’re looking for a quick way to figure out the NBT, you…

Power Pact Recording Online Now

June 12, 2020

Just wanted to share that the Power Pacts recording is available here now! I’m still working on supplemental materials which will hopefully be available in another week.