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Survey Finds That 28 State Bar Association Websites Fall Short On Security Settings

March 22, 2018

According to Bob Ambrogi, 31 states  have now adopted the ethical duty of technology competence. Yet ironically, many of the same states that have adopted the duty of technology competence are home to bar associations that aren’t setting a very good example for members.  Here’s what I mean. Last month, the Federal Trade Commission released…

Lack of A Retainer Can Cost Lawyers’ Their Fee

February 15, 2005

Next time you find yourself thinking about letting the retainer agreement requirement slide (“I trust the client,” or “There’s no time,” are some excuses that might run through your mind), think again.  Lack of a…

Free Divorces for Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2005

You’ll want to go over to David Giacalone’s f/k/a and read this post about presumably solo attorney Brad Margolis’ (no other attorneys are listed at his website) marketing stunt giving away a free divorce for…

Is $400 an Hour Pro Bono?

February 9, 2005

In this prior post, we discussed whether discounts given by solo and small firm lawyers on work performed for low income clients might count as pro bono.   For those who don’t endorse that idea, consider…

The 94 Hour Day

February 7, 2005

A Connecticut solo Timothy Spayne recently paid the federal government $1.24 million to settle charges that he overbilled the Electric Boat corporation for representing the company’s employees in workers compensation claims as reported in Billing…

Making Mistakes

February 7, 2005

Ever make mistakes?   If you do, don’t despair.  Mistakes give you two opportunities:  one to make the underlying correction and one to show what type of lawyer you really are.  That’s the theme of my…

Going Solo Right After Law School

February 7, 2005

One of our readers writes: I graduated law school last year and am finishing up another graduate degree…and am taking the bar this summer.  For law students with little “real world” legal training (some law…

To Martindale or Not To Martindale?

January 30, 2005

When I started my practice back in 1993, I paid for a real listing in Martindale-Hubbell (as opposed to the cheapie listing in the front blue plages) that I kept for four years. By 1997,…

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