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Later in Life Law Firm Ownership

June 26, 2019

In today’s tech world, we celebrate the wunderkind – like the founders of Facebook or Google – who achieved so much at an early age. Law isn’t all that different when it comes to early achievement – which accolades like law review and judicial clerkship and second year jobs at biglaw often based entirely on…

I’m guest blogging at!

June 13, 2005

This week, you can catch a bunch on my posts over at’s Legal Blog Watch, where I’ll be guest-blogging.  Of course, I’ll be straying from my more limited solo and small firm beat to…

Wouldn’t You Love A Ruling Like This?

June 13, 2005

Wouldn’t you love a ruling like this one where the judge determines that you’ve underbilled and bumps your fees up fourfold? 

What’s In A Name? Not Associates, If They Don’t Work in Your Firm

June 9, 2005

This article, Mitchell reprimanded by state Supreme Court, Tim Smith, Greenvill News (6/6/05) reports on a decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court publicly reprimanding attorney Theo Mitchell for using the law firm name “Mitchell…

Thoughts from a Portsmouth Solo

June 8, 2005

This article, Focus on Families, Michael McCord, Sea Coast On Line (5/20/05) contains an interview of Susan Denenberg, a New Hampshire attorney who’s been solo for the bulk of her twenty five year career.  Denenberg…

Support Freedom of Lawyer Blogging in Kentucky

June 8, 2005

As discussed here, most of my fellow bloggers have already signed on in support of Ben Cowgill, a solo specializing in legal ethics in Kentucky.  Ben’s been dealing with some archane Kentucky ethics laws that,…

Solos Lead the Way, Again!

June 6, 2005

Not surprisingly, I’ve always believed that solo and small firm lawyers have been the ground breakers of our profession, from billing practices to advertising to technology.  And now, as this article, Lawyers Leap Into Blogosphere…

It’s Cool to Be Solo

June 6, 2005

SmallFirm Business columnist Kim Fanady writes that it’s  cool to be solo, while Susan Cartier-Liebel laments that law school doesn’t teach students about the option solo practice.  Which all makes sense, because since when did…