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Start One, Start Many

January 18, 2019

For many, the challenge of starting one business is hard enough. But once you’ve started one business, the next are not as intimidating. Take the example of Minneapolis based solo Judith Samson. A criminal defense attorney by day, Samson, who is profiled here is an inventor and entrepreneur the rest of the time, having created…

Make Bar Complaints Public – At Least to Other Lawyers

April 5, 2005

As many of my fellow bloggers and readers know, I’m no fan of bar disciplinary programs.  Among other things, I believe that the bars disproportionally target solos and pursue sanctions for trivial infractions while sometimes…

The Bigger the Firm, The Bigger the Mistake

April 5, 2005

Newsflash:  like solos, even large firm attorneys can file complaints in the wrong place, miss the statute of limitations and conceal the mistake – as shown in this article,  Jury Awards Billy Blanks $15 Million…

Ethics, Technology and the Solo

April 4, 2005

I have a guest post over at Ben Cowgill’s Legal Ethics Blog on A Solo’s View on Ethics and Technology.  Clearly, as a solo, I owe much of my effectiveness today to improved and less…

Malpractice Insurance: Don’t Start Practice Without It

April 4, 2005

Here’s an article, 10 Misconceptions About Malpractice Insurance, Phillip Fraim, Small Firm Business (3/28/05)  that discusses some of the mistaken assumptions attorneys make in purchasing malpractice insurance.   For example, Fraim points out that many attorneys…

New shingler Scheherazade Fowler (who’s

April 1, 2005

New shingler Scheherazade Fowler (who’s in great company with other blogger-turned solos Dennis Kennedy, Kevin Heller and Howard Bashman, to name a distinguished few) publicly ponders whether she should keep her Massachusetts bar status active…

And here’s yet another story,

April 1, 2005

And here’s yet another story, NY Firm, Attorney Fail to Execute Retainer , New York Lawyer (3/31/05) on the importance of a retainer agreement.  The article reports on a suit by law firm Fenderstock &…

One Big Blog Party

April 1, 2005

It’s one, big blog party in Sarah Kellogg’s recent article, Do You Blog?, Washington Lawyer (Apr/May 2005).   I’m quoted as are many of my blogging colleagues, too numerous to list here.

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