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A Book About Death for the Living

February 22, 2019

What stories would you share with the world if your time on earth was limited?  Tragically, that wasn’t a hypothetical question for former biglaw attorney, wife and mom Julie Yip-Williams who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer back in the summer of 2013 and passed away in March 2018. Upon learning of her diagnosis,…

Being Nice Can Pay Off

March 31, 2005

Lawyers take different approaches to litigation – some believe that a threatening, aggressive demeanor produces results, some prefer a cool, professional air (think robotic!), others adopt a good old boy, blackslapping friendliness.  This post by…

The Most Important Marketing Advice You Can Read

March 28, 2005

Some of the most important marketing advice you can find doesn’t come from law marketing gurus who counsel lawyers on what they think clients want.  Rather, it comes from articles such as this one, How…

In light of the proposed

March 27, 2005

In light of the proposed bankruptcy legislation that would make credit counseling a mandatory prerequisite to a bankruptcy filing, a few of my solo colleagues have considered offering debt reduction services as part of their…

Do the Gutsy Thing

March 27, 2005

What’s the nerviest thing that you’ve ever done to bring in clients?  For me, I suppose it’s been cold calls, though I’ve always longed to do more.  For example, every time I attend a dull…

Re-energize Your Practice

March 27, 2005

Solo practice keeps a lawyer so hopping, what with networking lunches, new client consultations, sending out bills and studying up on new areas of law that it’s hard to believe in those early years that…

Getting Knocked Down, Getting Back Up

March 27, 2005

Any lawyer who’s been in practice more than a week has been there, on the losing side.  It may be losing  a massive multi-million dollar trial or simply being bested by an opponent in a…

Legal Ethics – Answers Wanted

March 22, 2005

Thanks to David Giacalone for alerting readers to another legal ethics weblog, Ben Cowgill’s Legal Ethics Blog.  Cowgill points out that his legal ethics blog  is third on the Internet, joining David’s f/k/a ethical esq?…

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