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Set Yourself Free From the Promises That Hold You Back

October 8, 2019

Tonight marks the start of Yom Kippur – which I once described as the big Kahuna of the Jewish Holidays with its solemn vibe, 24-hour fast and all day services. Though we devote much of that time to reflecting on and atoning for past sins, tonight’s Kol Nidre services differ because we renounce the vows…

US Government Recognizes Weblogs

June 1, 2005

Janell Grenier a solo who writes both Benefits Blog and Erisa Blog has let me know that the Department of Labor has included her blogs as well as others in its resource list, as she…

Announcing – Other Shinglers!

May 29, 2005

You’ll notice an important addition to the MyShingle sidebar – a list of "Other Shingles."  There, you’ll find listed websites and weblogs for other solo and small firm practitioners.  It’s a public service that will…

You Never Know When You Just Might Start Your Own Law Firm

May 29, 2005

To my readers who visit this site and dream of starting a law firm but are precluded from doing so because of your present circumstances,  one’s for you.  Because it’s never too late, as this…

Outsourcing legal research is a

May 29, 2005

Outsourcing legal research is  a topic that’s made the discussion rounds on various blogs, MyShingle included.  Well, what about the reverse:  how about exporting your firm’s expertise overseas like this Portland Maine law firm, as…

Client Endorsements Banned from NJ Lawyer Websites

May 29, 2005

And yet another stupid bar rule, this time out of New Jersey, where the Advertising Panel Lays Down Rules for Law Firm Ads on Wed:  Catchy URLs OK, but not client endorsements (New Jersey Law…

New Shingles List

May 22, 2005

We’ve added names to the Shingles list, but the links are not working just yet.  Stay tuned…

Proposed Disbarment of Prominent Boston Lawyers: Now, It Makes Sense

May 19, 2005

I have to admit that I was a little mystified when I read about the recent Massachusetts Discipline committee’s decision to disbar three prominent Boston attorneys, whose resumes included high government posts and stints at…