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Set Yourself Free From the Promises That Hold You Back

October 8, 2019

Tonight marks the start of Yom Kippur – which I once described as the big Kahuna of the Jewish Holidays with its solemn vibe, 24-hour fast and all day services. Though we devote much of that time to reflecting on and atoning for past sins, tonight’s Kol Nidre services differ because we renounce the vows…

Law Firm Alumni Programs May Offer Marketing Opportunities

May 19, 2005

Are you a biglaw expatriate who’s just started a law firm or been running one for years?  Either way, this article on law firm alumni programs, Nixon Peabody Starts Alumni Program, Business Review (5/16/05) may…

Ways to Make Sure You Get Paid

May 19, 2005

As this article, Getting Paid, Not Played (Meg Tebo, ABA Journal, 5/19/05) begins, “Getting stiffed is almost like a rite of passage of solo practice.”  This article offers a couple of ideas from practitioners to…

Why Sponsorship on Is Not Worth $900/Month

May 17, 2005

Apparently, LexisNexis-Martindale haven’t heard of the Internet.  Because if they had, they wouldn’t be hoping to trade in on their name-recognition to lawyers and charge $900 a month for a national sponsorship service available on…

What’s Wrong With Linking to News Articles About Ethics Violations?

May 17, 2005

This article, Lawyer vs. Lawyer Over Web Site, ABA e-report (5/13/05)  reports on a lawsuit by one New York personal injury law firm where the firm Moran & Kufta of Rochester posted a headline with…

Top Ten for Marketing – and Other Unique Ideas

May 17, 2005

This article, The Lesson is to Network, Business Week (5/13/05) is geared for small businesses generally and not solos specifically, but the ideas are equally applicable.  Here are two of my favorite suggestions from Nancy…

Get Yourself Some Visibility -With A Bicycle

May 17, 2005

Greatest American Lawyer has another great law practice idea:    using a bike to get around town for lunch meetings and errands.  Not only does a bike add some exercise to our otherwise sedentary days,…

New MyShingle – still some glitches

May 16, 2005

Some readers have been reporting some glitches in viewing MyShingle – either the site does not render correctly or has two top bars in certain browsers.  Try clearing cache and/or cookies and view again.  If…