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Should Your Law Firm Logo Include Scales of Justice?

September 17, 2019

When it comes to logos, turns out the design experts may have gotten it wrong, reports the Harvard Business Review .  After nearly a decade of simple, text-based logos like Google or Paypal or non-descriptive marks like Uber, seems that customers prefer and put their trust in descriptive logos. A descriptive logo is what the…

New shingler Scheherazade Fowler (who’s

April 1, 2005

New shingler Scheherazade Fowler (who’s in great company with other blogger-turned solos Dennis Kennedy, Kevin Heller and Howard Bashman, to name a distinguished few) publicly ponders whether she should keep her Massachusetts bar status active…

And here’s yet another story,

April 1, 2005

And here’s yet another story, NY Firm, Attorney Fail to Execute Retainer , New York Lawyer (3/31/05) on the importance of a retainer agreement.  The article reports on a suit by law firm Fenderstock &…

One Big Blog Party

April 1, 2005

It’s one, big blog party in Sarah Kellogg’s recent article, Do You Blog?, Washington Lawyer (Apr/May 2005).   I’m quoted as are many of my blogging colleagues, too numerous to list here.

Help Wanted At My Shingle – Law or College Student

March 31, 2005

Wanted Immediately:  law student or college student to assist with several upgrades to the site and restoration to its original format.  Student should have blogging experience, ("plawdcasting" experience and/or abilities as well even better), rudimentary…

The Law School Consortium

March 31, 2005

Here’s a news item about the Law School Consortium.  It’s a program that recognizes the role that solo and small firm lawyers play in meeting the legal needs of the poor – and provides support…

Being Nice Can Pay Off

March 31, 2005

Lawyers take different approaches to litigation – some believe that a threatening, aggressive demeanor produces results, some prefer a cool, professional air (think robotic!), others adopt a good old boy, blackslapping friendliness.  This post by…

The Most Important Marketing Advice You Can Read

March 28, 2005

Some of the most important marketing advice you can find doesn’t come from law marketing gurus who counsel lawyers on what they think clients want.  Rather, it comes from articles such as this one, How…