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Set Yourself Free From the Promises That Hold You Back

October 8, 2019

Tonight marks the start of Yom Kippur – which I once described as the big Kahuna of the Jewish Holidays with its solemn vibe, 24-hour fast and all day services. Though we devote much of that time to reflecting on and atoning for past sins, tonight’s Kol Nidre services differ because we renounce the vows…

Lawyers Outside the Law

November 28, 2004

This past weekend, I came across four articles about lawyers – mostly those who’ve started their own practices – who’ve found success but nevertheless left the law for  non-legal careers.   There’s Noah Lippman,  a 45…

Solo, But Never Alone

November 28, 2004

When you start your own practice, you may be solo but you’re never alone.  You can’t be – or you won’t succeed.  This article, No Lawyer Is An Island, Guy Harrison, Small Firm Business (11/29/04)…

Jay Foonberg’s Famous Holiday Cards

November 28, 2004

Most of us solos know Jay Foonberg as the author of the solo bible,  How to Start and Build a Law Practice.  Who could have guessed that he’s also a purveyor of the kind of …

My Shingle Now Part of Network

November 22, 2004

As of today, My Shingle joins our fellow bloggers listed here an official member of the Blog Network.  Unfortunately, we’re off to a bit of a rocky start due to server problems over on…

2004 Bar Review Now Available: Super-Spectacular Resource!!

November 22, 2004

Two years ago, My Shingle published the first ever Bar Review, a survey of what the state bars and the ABA offer in the way of resources and support for solo and small firm practitioners. …

Should NY Ban Targeted Mailings?

November 22, 2004

After last year’s Staten Island Ferry crash, lawyer ads targeting potential clients proliferated in the local news media within hours.  Though banning newspaper ads would likely violate the First Amendment, New York is now considering…

Working from Home – A Viable Choice

November 22, 2004

Many lawyers resist working from home, worrying primarily about image, as in this article here.  But a professional home based office is possible, as demonstrated by Nina Kallen and Lisa Solomon, the two sucessful attorneys…