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  • Peggy Roston

    Carolyn, I have been following your blog and I have read your book on social media. I have your blog on my I-phone home screen so I can instantly check to see what is going on in the lower 48 (as opposed to Alaska where I lived or Hawaii). I loved your post in response to the criminal lawyer’s comment about women and blogging. I might also add that while the men sit in isolation blogging rather than working out at the gym, the women are networking, working out at the gym, parenting and blogging. What does that tell us?

  • david.shapiro

    Carolyn, there seems to be an issue with the mailing list registration. (Which means no password, no gated content access.) 

  • Hi Carolyn, do you accept guest post?

  • myshingle

    Depends if you are a lawyer or writing for Seo


  • Debra Campbell

    I have not received a password, which apparently means no password, no gated content  I’d like to check out the “Staring at Strangers” blog you mentioned, as it sounds quite interesting, but I keep getting a message to the effect that a password and authorization are required.  Help!

  • This is so complicated. I registered for the one sheet, which generated an email, which generated another email with a coupon code and now where do you login? I’m worn out and have lost my interest. =(

  • Frustrated

    It appears that this is still a problem even after all these years? I got an emailed password to the gated content, but there were no links in the email, so I don’t know where to go to enter this password.