Grow Solo

First you go solo, but eventually you’ll want to grow solo. That’s the focus of this segment of the online guide. Fortunately, in the 21st century, you don’t need to hire full time employees to grow — there are a myriad of ways available through use of virtual assistants, contract lawyers and creating affiliations and of counsel relationships with other law firms.

Contract Lawyers
The best sources of information on contract lawyering are Question of Law and Legal Research and Writing Pro, both run by my good friend, Lisa Solomon, who also co-authored with me the below assessment, Should You Outsource to a Contract Lawyer.

Should I Outsource Work To A Contract Lawyer?

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Check each statement that was true for your practice during the past two months:

I turned down or referred out more than 3 matters that I would have otherwise handled if I had the time.
I worked at least two full weekends and/or two evenings past 9 p.m. on a weekly basis.
I canceled two or more lunch dates with useful contacts, networking events or skills courses that are important to my practice that I would have attended if I had the time.
I posted four times or fewer to my blog.
I put off development of new marketing materials that I would have completed if I had the time.
I missed two or more family or social events because I was working.
I had to write off at least four hours of time a week due to writers’ block or other productivity issues.
I failed to return client phone calls or emails within the period of time specified in my retainer letter because I was too busy.
I had to seek an extension of time to comply with a mandatory filing deadline because I was too busy to meet it.
I overlooked a filing deadline because I was so overloaded that I did not see it on my calendar.
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Resources for Growing Solo

For materials on of counsel agreements (including draft agreements, explanation of the relationship and a tutorial) and Model Partnership Agreement visit the
Grow Solo Document Library.