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MyShingle.com welcomes support from serious sponsors who share our mission of inspiring and supporting solo and small firm lawyers and aspiring solos.  Our site strives to instill an ethic of excellence, superior client service, innovation and professionalism through first rate content and an extensive clearinghouse of resources.  If your products serve solos and are consistent with our mission, inquiries regarding advertising on MyShingle.com are managed by Lawyerist.com.

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*Visibility: Our site receives traffic from thousands of unique visitors monthly, is circulated daily to an additional 1400 via RSS feed and has a Google Page Rank of 6. Our site is the only site on solo and small firm practice that is part of the America Law Media law.com Legal Blogwatch Network.

*Stickiness: Many of our readers spend signficant time at our site, in particular, at our various resource guides.  We are happy to provide you with detailed traffic statistics.

*Diversity: Our traffic derives nearly evenly from a trifecta of sources:  direct hits, referrals and organic search. Much of our referral traffic comes from the American Bar Association, where our site is a first ranked resource . We generate visitation from Google and Bing, with top page placement for terms like “starting a law firm,” and “solo law practice.” Thus, sponsoring our site provides access to streams of fresh traffic.

*Stability: We’ve been blogging since 2002, which means that the site is host to over seven years of changing content (blog posts) and static resources (e-books, online guides).  We produce our content in-house and offer payment for some content so that we’re not reliant on free contributors who will leave a site when a better offer comes along or end-run our advertisers by authoring posts in exchange for “exposure.”

*Credibility: MyShingle.com is a highly acclaimed blog, online continuously since December 2002. Carolyn Elefant, creator of MyShingle.com is a practicing lawyer and she strives to ensure that the site is both credible and transparent.  Carolyn is also a frequent speaker at solo and small firm conferences nationally, and through these appearances, she continues to build the visibility of MyShingle.

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