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Launching a 21st Century Practice….Or Lifting the One You Have Now

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.– Oscar Wilde

As you’ve probably heard, many futurists believe that the legal profession is dying — and that within a decade, lawyers will go the way of journalists, travel agents and bike couriers into extinction. They urge lawyers to dump the law, and turn to careers in project management and programming or to set up shop filling out automated forms. They are wrong.

For those of you who went to law school because you love the law, there is a future and it shines bright if you know where to look. One of those options is launching a law practice – or lifting the one you have.  This FREE webinar will teach why starting a law practice can create opportunities you never imagined and show you how to take advantage of 21st century trends like alternative billing, co-working space, the cloud, the web and outsourcing to make it happen.

Launching a law firm isn’t easy – and this program won’t scrimp on the realities. But you’ll learn how to overcome the hurdles and blast off into a future that is brighter than you ever imagined.  And even if you decide not to start your own firm, you’ll take away tips that will help you figure out the next step in your career.

This free webinar is presented by Carolyn Elefant, author of Solo by Choice and founder of the 10+ year old blog,

  • Time: 1 pm ET
  • Date: Friday May 3

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