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The Legal Profession’s Invisible Women

Recently while online, I came across this post by a female law firm partner with 25 years of experience under her belt. She writes: This past year, I settled two enormous cases in federal district court, reeling in two success bonuses above and beyond my hourly rates, as a result of an arrangement that I…

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End of An Era

Today, I snapped my final back-to-school photo of my younger daughter Mira leaving for the first day of her senior year, and with the quiet and unceremonious click of my iPhone shutter, this era of my life comes to a close (of course, it goes without saying that I’m still entitled to first-day photos even…

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Ladies, Take A Lesson From Solo If You Want Equality At Biglaw

Oh, the irony that an operation called Diversity Lab  (along with Stanford Law and Bloomberg Law ) was the sponsor of the first ever Women in Law Hackathon. Diversity? Right. The Woman-in-Law Hackathon was anything but – unless you consider diversity to be a room filled with Ivy-educated, white people who each hail from a…

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Is Your Life Partner Sabotaging Your Law Practice?

ice cream

Back when my much missed husband and I were in the early weeks of dating, I declined his invitation to dinner, explaining I wanted to finish up work on a law review article that I was writing for “fun.”   While most guys would have taken my pathetic excuse as a brush-off, my husband, never…

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Second to Last First Day

Today, for the second to last time, I snapped a first-day photo of my younger daughter before she departed for the bus. On this go-round, Mira is a junior, so after next year, my first-day photo snapping will end – and as with my older daughter, I’ll have to rely on a screenshot of Facebook…

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MyShingle Is Back, Thank You.

Six weeks. Long time to go not just without posting, but without even reading other blogs. Now I am back. Resuming blogging was hard because my husband was here for the hundreds of posts I’ve penned except for this one.  Every post I write from now on, he will never read, never see. The posts…

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