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Step Out of Line, Ladies- And Start A Law Firm

By now, most of you have heard about actor Alex Borstein’s memorable acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Emmy Awards.  Closing her remarks, Borstein shared the story of her grandmother, who was awaiting execution in a death camp, but took the risk to step out of line.  “And for that,” Borstein concluded “I am here, and…

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A Mother’s Day Shout Out to All The Single Lady Lawyer Moms & Owners

In recent years, the conversation over equality in the work place has shifted from a simple discussion of policy such as mandatory family leave or subsidized daycare to the root cause for gender inequality:  the fact that in most cases, women are more likely to take the career hit and cut back or leave the…

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I’m a 21st Century Mom. Where’s My 21st Century Lawyer?

For the past two days, I was thrilled to have my older daughter home for a brief 48-hour layover between an overseas trip and her return to her job up in Boston. Unfortunately, she brought with her a vicious cough and sinus infection that pretty much grounded her after her arrival. When it became apparent…

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What I Won From My First Loss at Trial

I’ve got a bunch of legacy posts strewn all over the internet and don’t want to lose the content. I’ll be posting them here occasionally for posterity.  This one is about how learning that I was pregnant with my first daughter changed my perspective forever on practicing law. Although I started my law firm in…

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Small Woman Owned Law Firm Implements Employee Infant on Board Program

For most companies in the business world, Take Your Child To Work Day comes but once a year. But at Freedom Law P.C., a small woman-owned law firm in Eastpointe, Michigan, employees can take their new babies to work until they’re six months old, reports Corp Magazine. The Infant-at-Work program — which is available to…

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Mom Owned Law Firm Interview with Rachael Ardanuy

March brings another round of Mom-Owned Law Firm Profiles where we celebrate mom lawyers who have chosen to own, not loan their talent. Today, we feature Rachael Ardanuy, owner of RZA Legal in Denver, Colorado.   Ardanuy’s firm was in operation for 2.5 years focused exclusively on contract work, but last month, the firm now serves…

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