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Certifiably Niche

Today’s headlines are rife with plenty of tech topics that could conceivably form a niche practice. From sci-fi sounding topics — like  internet of things , wearable tech ,  bitcoin and crypto-currency ,  micro-chip implants on employees — to changes in existing trends such as a rise in Hispanic-owned businesses to newer and less costly…

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Too Often, Bar Associations Solve the Symptoms, but Not the Sickness

 Correction (8/9/2017) – I’ve been informed that Law Charge, previously mentioned in this post, does not pay for endorsements and so I have removed any reference to that from this post. Skimming through my aggregator, I came across a ludicrous article entitled Five Ways to Be Secretly Productive At a Meeting . Suggested activities included…

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Niche Law Practice and the Business Model

Niche law practices are nothing new. This blog contains dozens of posts  that either describe an interesting and emerging niche practice or profile lawyers with unique niches. My blog doesn’t hold a monopoly on niche law either; for years, my blogging colleague Chuck Newtown  tracked interesting niches, and there’s even a recent book, One of a…

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Making Sure Your Law Firm Goes Down in History

Some law firms make history, others write their own history.  At least, that’s what I gathered from this Humphrey Keenlyside’s article  in Bloomberg, discussing the apparent tradition of large law firms producing an auto-biography of a sort, tracing a firm’s history from its humble beginnings to its current powerhouse status. Kennlyside writes that law firm…

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How Ethical Prohibitions on Fee Splitting Allows RocketLawyer and Gust Launch To Resell and Profit Off of Lawyers’ Free Legal Services

A couple of weeks back, I stumbled across a company called Gust Launch – billed as a one-stop shop for high-growth start-ups.  For $199/month (or $239/month if billed annually), Gust Launch provides startups with ongoing legal, financial, accounting and back-end services dispensed through one convenient cloud-based platform. Somewhat like Clio, the practice management system best…

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Personal Fundraising and Crowdfunding – New Resources For Legal Fees

In my line of work , I’m accustomed to clients – generally a group of neighbors or a community association – taking up a collection or hosting a gala to fund my fees. But in the past week, two potentially new sources for funding legal fees came across my radar: Facebook’s introduction of Personal Fundraisers…

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