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How to Be A First Mover in Law From A Company That’s A First Mover. Literally.

Always a trendsetter, IKEA can now claim the moniker of “first mover” quite literally.  according to, IKEA has designed seven autonomous workspaces on wheels to explore how self-driving vehicles might “operate as extensions of our cafes, homes, and offices,” and make retail products and services more readily accessible to consumers.  For lawyers, a self-driving office could…

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How Solos and Smalls Can Reach Rural Populations

For the past seven years, I’ve blogged about the legal services crisis in rural America. Yet despite creative solutions and a plethora of new programs, demand for lawyers in rural parts remains acute. Unfortunately, for the time being, pure tech solutions like online document providers aren’t likely to be effective. According to a recent Pew…

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Tax Implications of Productizing Legal Services

Converting legal services into products like self-help books and videos, assessment tools, apps or chatbots invariably raises the same perennial issues for lawyers. Some lawyers obsess about the ethics of commoditization such as whether a product sold nationally might place a lawyer in violation of unauthorized practice of law (UPL) prohibitions or give rise to…

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Biglaw Attorneys Get Paid To Innovate, Solos & Smalls Innovate to Get Paid

To paraphrase an old quote, the wheels of change grind slowly at biglaw. But some recent initiatives suggest that big firms are tentatively dipping a toe into the innovation pool.  For example,last year global law firm ReedSmith  launched an innovation hours program, where lawyers can earn up to fifty billable hours for time invested in…

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Unbundling and the Rural Client

Many rural communities continue to face a legal services crisis.  Some communities simply don’t have enough lawyers.  Alternatively, there are enough lawyers, but their fees exceed the amount that clients can or wish to pay.  But now, according to this story, one innovative firm, The Law Shop located in Van Meter Iowa has a solution: unbundled…

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Solo & Small Firm Lawyers Average $198k/year…So Why Do We Portray Solos As Losers?

To paraphrase Mark Twain, the death of the solo and small firm practitioner has been greatly exaggerated. At least that’s the case if one is to believe the Attorney Compensation Report released by Martindale-Hubbell today which found that solo and small firm lawyers take home an average of $198,000 in annual income.  The Report’s conclusions relied on responses…

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