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Fake Designer Handbags and Fake Lawyers

faux coach bag

Last week, I returned from a trip to China with a new accessory in tow: a fake Coach bag.  Though I’m aware of  arguments that purchases of counterfeit luxury items harm the brand, other studies have found  no discernible effect . In any event, because I can’t fathom ever paying a few hundred dollars on…

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Six New Law Business Models & Why They Matter for Legal Tech

When we talk about innovation, technology is only one piece of the puzzle. Many times, it’s also necessary to innovate underlying business models to enable the technology to gain traction. I learned this lesson in my “day job,” representing alternative energy developers. Back in 2005, wind power was all the rage. Meanwhile solar remained mired…

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40 Legal Practice Areas That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago

Almost a decade ago,  Richard Susskind’s book. The End of Lawyers  predicted that many traditional lawyers, particularly solos and smalls would soon be rendered obsolete. And while Susskind wasn’t wrong — jobs in the legal sector decline steadily  every year, with a loss of 100,000 jobs predicted by November 2017 – the glass is also…

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Why Won’t The ABA Advocate for Solo & Small Firms On Interests on Tax Reform

Note: Post substantially revised at 3 pm 12/4/2017 to include additional explanation of proposed legislation This week, businesses of all sizes – from behemoths like Google and Amazon to tiny mom & pops will have their eyes on tax reform, particularly the provisions on tax rates levied corporations and pass-through income from LLCs. Most solo…

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Future Fridays: Can Legal Technology Innovation Be Transformative?

Although I owe my career to legal technology (after all, it enabled me to continue to practice law while staying home with my girls ), truth is, the nuts and bolts and latest and greatest don’t interest me  unless I can find a way to employ those tools to help my clients. In other words,…

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3 Ways to Win Over a Judge Before Showing up in the Court

Long before entering a courtroom, you can improve your chances of winning by positively predisposing a judge to you and your case. Learn how here.