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Whose Legal Data Is It Anyway?

Lawyer and legal business consultant Mark Cohen observes that the legal profession is essentially a data wasteland in the digital era , ranking behind all other private industries in utilizing big data and its uptown cousin, artificial intelligence to make decisions and serve clients.  Still, both nature – and today’s clients – abhor a vacuum…

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AI Lawyers Help Build Business for Human Lawyers

In recent months, many lawyers and firms have started to embrace artificial intelligence, recognizing that it won’t displace all lawyers but instead, free them up to do higher value bespoke work that requires creativity and judgment.  But believe it or not, AI and other technologies can actually help create jobs for lawyers by helping to…

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I’m a 21st Century Mom. Where’s My 21st Century Lawyer?

For the past two days, I was thrilled to have my older daughter home for a brief 48-hour layover between an overseas trip and her return to her job up in Boston. Unfortunately, she brought with her a vicious cough and sinus infection that pretty much grounded her after her arrival. When it became apparent…

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