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Make Money Mondays: Vetting the Veterans’ Niche

In honor of Veteran’s Day, today’s Make Money Mondays salutes a unique niche practice area: veterans’ owned businesses.  According to the recent surveys, there are 2.52 million veteran majority-owned businesses in the United States that collectively generated $1.14 trillion in revenues last year. Most vet businesses are small with 54 percent having 1-4 employees, and…

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Make Money Monday: Follow Up On Conferences

As I explained in my Marketing By the Numbers video, 80 percent of people fail to follow up with contacts and leads from conferences. That’s unfortunate considering the time and expense that many conferences entail.  So I was excited to stumble upon a free resource from Hub Spot —14 FREE email templates  that you can…

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Should Your Law Firm Logo Include Scales of Justice?

When it comes to logos, turns out the design experts may have gotten it wrong, reports the Harvard Business Review .  After nearly a decade of simple, text-based logos like Google or Paypal or non-descriptive marks like Uber, seems that customers prefer and put their trust in descriptive logos. A descriptive logo is what the…

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Make Money Monday: Automating Marketing Tips

For today’s Make Money Monday, here’s a quick summary of Gyi Tsakalakis’ talk Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose  – discussing how lawyers can engage with consumers online, and offering some easy ways to implement. You can view the full video above. Gyi’s talk covers Mail Chimp (at 8:00) to send recurring communications,…

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Make Money Mondays: Act As If You Own The Place

Editor’s Note – Summer always has me reminiscing about vacations past – and one of my favorites was our family’s ten-day trip to London in the summer of 2008, where I returned with tons of marketing Lessons from London . But here’s the one that stands out most, and that’s worth thinking about whether you’ve…

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Make Money Monday: Look Ahead Or Be Left Behind

Recently in one of my online lawyers groups, an attorney lamented that her state bar association had made self-help forms available for family law litigants at no cost and in addition, had started conducting free trainings to help users complete the forms. The attorney reported that many of her family law attorney colleagues are up…

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Make Money Monday: Hold Your Own Prime Day

Last Monday and Tuesday, online behemoth Amazon held its fifth annual Prime Day, a shopping holiday  of a sort where Amazon offers exclusive bargains and deals to Amazon Prime customers. The benefits of Prime Day are self-evident: Amazon can show appreciation for existing customers by offering deep discounts while racking up sales – to the…

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Make Money Mondays: Marketing to Millionaires

Post Update 7/8/19 noon: Apparently I spoke to soon in recommending a purchase of Marketing to the Affluent prior to reading it. I’ve been receiving some negative feedback from those who bought the book both about Kennedy’s political views as well as the organization of the material in the book and its value. I’ll read…

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