FREE Marketing CheatSheets for Law Firms

Marketing Cheat Sheets rev(cover)

Are you overwhelmed by marketing options? Unsure whether marketing vendors are selling you a bill of goods? Trying to figure out what marketing will give you the best bang for the buck? You’re in luck.  MyShingle has just updated our Marketing Cheatsheets where we’ve gathered the stats and who, what, when, where, why and how on…

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Make Money Mondays: Can Law Firms Use Nano Influencers for Marketing?

marketing through nanoinfluencers

Three years ago when I first posted about lawyers using microinfluencers, TikTok was barely a blip on the marketing radar.  Fast forward to today, and social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels are empowering nano influencers, defined by Influencer Marketing as influencers with active social profiles, but fewer than 10,000 followers.  Brands are increasingly…

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Is Cold Calling for Lawyers Obsolete?


In the past, when I embarked on a new venture or needed to find work or referrals quickly, I’d typically make both warm calls (to colleagues I know) as well as cold calls to prospects who I might find in a specialty bar directory or on a law firm website. But as I ramp up…

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Make Money Monday:  Should Lawyers Use TikTok?

In the past four years, the social media platform TikTok grew exponentially, now boasting a billion users a month averaging 850 minutes on the app.  Interesting data, but should lawyers be using Tiktok? You might be inclined to respond “hell yes!,” particularly after seeing these examples of early adopting lawyers who’ve gone viral with several…

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Make Money Mondays: Buy Annette Choti’s Click Magnet 

Fifteen years ago, I was one of the first handful of forward-looking lawyers to embrace the Internet as a tool for marketing a solo or small firm practice. For starters, robust websites, blogs and social media enabled lawyers to really engage and educate consumers in a far more meaningful way than a screaming CALL-YOUR-LAWYER 911!!…

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