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Make Money Monday: Pop Up Law Firm

Believe it or not, the pop-up stores are a $50 million dollar industry according to Small Biz Trends . Moreover, as the infographic shows, there are more ways to run a pop-up business than just by opening a kiosk in a mall. Many pop up businesses are taking place within vacant spaces or existing stores.…

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Marketing By the Numbers, Part 2

Marketing by the Numbers, Part 2 About seven years ago, I created a 13-minute video entitled Marketing By the Numbers, where I showed, through the power of data, the rationale behind many recommended marketing practices. Although the stats that I used (particularly those regarding social media and mobile devices) may now be outdated, the marketing…

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Make Money Mondays: Seasonal Marketing – Summer Specials

I’ve written previously about the concept of seasonal marketing  for law firms – that is, offering limited-time services that have some connection with a holiday or season. So for example, around Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day, a law firm might offer discounted services to veterans. Of course, seasonal marketing can go awry also – as…

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Google’s FREE Primer App Puts Many Pricey Legal Marketers To Shame.

I’m not sure how I missed it, but at the end of 2015, Google formally launched Primer , a free, sleek app that delivers bite-sized marketing lessons to help companies of all sizes build their businesses. Since then, Google has continued to update the app with new tutorials for small businesses developed by national experts…

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How Davids Can Get Business From Goliaths

Referrals from big law firms. They’re the holy grail for lawyers with a specialized practice area commonly handled by large firms, or for big law expatriates who often aim to build a practice out of more price sensitive clients who can no longer afford big law rates. Yet generating big law referrals isn’t as easy…

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Make Money Mondays: Ask A Beautiful Question….

Content marketing is all the rage – but there are so many ways to attract and engage readers besides producing content on blog platforms like these, video or now over-used infographics. For example, you could test or entertain readers with quizzes and assessment tests. You don’t need a fancy system to set up a quiz…

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Make Money Mondays: Lessons From Customer Service Can Help Client Service

Although I don’t think that lawyers should treat clients as customers, nevertheless, lessons from customer service can sometimes be useful in managing clients. I found the suggestions in this piece, The New Customer Service Trend That’s Shaking Up the Marketing Industry  to be especially on point. First, the article distinguishes between customer-centric and customer-first marketing…

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Make Money Mondays: Legal Tech Services That Make You Sticky to Clients

Although most legal marketing initiatives focus on client acquisition – think lead generation ,  SEO-powered blogging and good old fashioned networking – client retention offers far more bang for the buck. Studies show that there’s a 60 to 70 percent chance of making a sale to an existing customer compared to just a 5 to 20…

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How to Overcome the Common Challenges of Running a Solo Practice

Solo attorneys are expected to do it all. But how can you succeed when you’re doing all of it by yourself? Learn how to master the fundamentals to create a reliable stream of new clients to your door.