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Why the Frictionless Client Experience Is A Legal Fiction

Most of today’s clients have grown accustomed to a frictionless customer experience long before they ever step foot over our office threshold or log in to an online client portal. Most likely, within hours of their first encounter with a lawyer, today’s client has tapped the screen on their phone to summon a car from…

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Do Lawyers Need To Be Weekend Warriors If That’s What Clients Want?

In response to my earlier posts asking whether today’s clients are more demanding, one commenter observed that increasingly, clients expect lawyers to schedule appointments on evenings and weekends to avoid missing work. The commenter sought feedback on how other lawyers handle these types of requests since the commenter — quite reasonably — would rather not…

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Are Today’s Legal Clients More Demanding…Or Is It Just That Lawyers Haven’t Kept Pace?

Veteran Chester County, Pennsylvania solo, Sam Stretton bemoans the deterioration of the attorney-client relationship in the modern world, blaming the change on  clients’ unreasonable expectation of perfection  combined with their lack of appreciation for attorneys’ need for privacy and the cost of legal services.  Yet as I read Stretton’s piece, I wondered whether all of the…

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How A Retainer Agreement Gaffe Cost One Lawyer $469,000

If you’ve seen my promotion for Rocket Retainers & Power Pacts: Engage Clients Faster, Get Paid Quickly and Innovate Without Risk, you’re probably wondering how a retainer agreement can earn you money. Conveniently, this recent news story — about an Illinois attorney who’s out a $469,000 referral fee because the retainer agreement with the client…

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Legal Ethics: Can Law Firms Pay for Their Clients To Uber?

With so many  articles about whether a new platform is the next Uber for lawyers  or whether legal services can be Uberized at all, lawyers are missing out on something even more obvious: how we can use the real Uber or other similar ride-sharing platforms to better serve our clients.  For example, if a client doesn’t own a…

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What Makes A Great Client?

Tales about  clients from hell abound. Visit any lawyer listserve and you’ll encounter weekly threads populated with complaints about crazy clients or advice on how to fire them. Bad clients aren’t exclusive to the legal profession either – doctors deal with them and one designer even set up a Clients from Hell website dedicated to them.…

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A New Reason To Limit Free Consultations

I’ve long been a fan of free consultations for a couple of reasons. First, given the importance of the attorney-client relationship, it never made sense to put up obstacles  to clients seeking to vet different attorneys by forcing them to shell out a couple of hundred bucks for each meeting. Second, for some practices –…

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How to Overcome the Common Challenges of Running a Solo Practice

Solo attorneys are expected to do it all. But how can you succeed when you’re doing all of it by yourself? Learn how to master the fundamentals to create a reliable stream of new clients to your door.