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Why I don’t charge a “trial fee”

This post is part of the MyShingle Solos summer series which will run between June 17 and July 3, 2014.   This post is written by MyShingle Guest Blogger Alex Freeburg  I am a criminal defense attorney and I don’t charge a trial fee. Most attorneys in my area do. The standard procedure is that the…

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Red Flag Client Bingo!

Clients who forget checkbooks. Or want to bring a case for the principle of the thing. Or who assure you that they’ve got a multi-million dollar, slam dunk claim.  If you’ve practiced law for even three weeks, you’ve probably encountered at least one of these red-flags. Trouble is, starting out, you may not recognize these…

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The Dangers of the 19th Century Retainer Agreement

OK, maybe this Engagement Agreement sample, extracted from a Start Up Law Firm Toolkit published by Lawyers Mutual North Carolina isn’t as outdated as the Pony Express.  Still, the engagement letter provision below, which seeks express client authorization for use of any modern day method of communication is so antiquated and short-sighted made me seriously…

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The Art, Science & Ethics of the 21st Century Retainer Agreement

The legal profession is transitioning to what’s been branded the new normal, but the development of the necessary tools for serving 21st Century clients is lagging far behind.  Sure, the infrastructure that we use to serve clients is changing; lawyers are finally coming up to speed on Cloud Computing, transitioning from desktops to more mobile…

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What Does Your Retainer Agreement Say About You?

I am still working my way through my review copy of Stephanie Kimbro’s new book, reviewed here by Richard Granat. There’s just too much information to breeze through and unlike many bloggers (not Richard, but others), I actually make a point of reading the books that I review. Still, one of the most useful parts…

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