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Loyalty Programs – For Clients and Lawyers

A recent article confirms that customer loyalty programs that reward customers for frequent purchases are more popular than ever. The article reports that today, consumers 3.8 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs, up from 3.3 billion just three years ago. Don’t miss: Why more companies are rolling back loyalty programs The most popular sector for…

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Why Lawyers Must Always Be Sure To Have Clean Briefs

Earlier this week, while I was running word searches though the legislative history of a statutory provision (using Hein Online, one of the many resources available through the amazing Jenkins Law Library ), I stumbled across some language that seemed awfully familiar. When I clicked on the term, I was taken to the written testimony…

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Lawyers Hungry For Justice Feed on D.C. Restaurant Boom

Here in Washington D.C., restaurants aren’t just a way for lawyers to spend money on expense account lunches.  For a few enterprising lawyers, the booming restaurant business is also a way to make money by pursuing wage law violations — often on behalf of immigrant and lower-income workers — against the restaurants that hire them,…

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Create Legal Documents in the Browser Plus More

There is now a way to access client, matter, and accounting information from any device, at any time. The new innovation is called LEAP 365 and this ground-breaking technology provides a plethora of extra benefits that have never been available before: Work is no longer a place, it is an activity. You can now capitalize…

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ATL Academy For Private Practice 2016: Register Now!

Just month from today, on October 28th, 2016, Above the Law will host its second annual Academy for Private Practice (“APP”), a full-day conference offering practical solutions and expert insight on meeting the challenges of starting and optimizing a small law firm practice. The conference programming combines panel discussions and breakout sessions on subjects ranging…

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Ditch the LLM and CLE; Get Micro-Credentialed Instead

Looking for an entree into a new practice area, or a way to segue out of solo practice to something new?  Forget CLEs  or LLMs  and consider micro-credentials or “nano degrees” instead. Never heard of micro-credentialing? Basically, it’s certification training on very specific skills , ranging from web development, social innovation, data analytics, and even…

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The ATL Academy For Private Practice Is Coming To The West Coast

The inaugural ATL Academy for Private Practice in New York City was so popular that we’ve decided to take it to the West Coast. On June 22, we will be in San Diego, California, where APP panelists will offer practical solutions and expert insight on meeting the challenges of starting and optimizing a solo or…

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How to Minimize the Time You Spend on Administrative Tasks

Did you know up to 40% of time in a small law firm is spent on non billable, administrative work?  That means you are basically working for free after 2 p.m.