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The Delta Model for Lawyers Fits Solos and Smalls to A T

In a world where lawyers are being displaced by technology, data scientists and policy experts, law schools are searching for ways to train lawyers to make them more relevant in today’s world.   After all, law schools’ survival depends on placing students in jobs, so they need to teach them skills to make them marketable.…

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How to Increase Your Odds of Solo and Small Law Firm Success by 42 Percent

Recently, I’ve been listening to life coach and web-TV sensation Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything is Figure-outable. Though life coaches aren’t generally my cup of tea, Forleo’s work piques my interest because she was one of the first women in the online space who found a way to make bank online — in her case, through…

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Can Lawyers Innovate If They Don’t Own It?

I came across this article from Fast Company about the  50 Best Workplaces for Innovators.  Unfortunately, the article simply lists the companies rather than describing what characteristics make them innovative. And so I got to thinking: when it comes to law, can innovation truly come from within? Or do you have to own it to…

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7-Figure Ebook LIVE – Washington D.C. Nov. 16, 2018

  If you watched my 7-Figure Ebook Video, you may have wondered how you could create a similar book for your law practice. Now you can – in just seven hours at the 7 Figure Ebook LIVE event in Washington D.C. scheduled for November 16 (location to be announced).  A virtual version may be available…

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148 FREE Resources to Start, Run and Grow Your Law Firm

Today, MyShingle is excited to introduce our latest offering for the legal community:  143 FREE Tools & Resources to Start, Run and Grow Your Law Firm, available at our site HERE.   Although the web is bursting with lists of free tools to start a business, somewhat shockingly, no comparable, comprehensive guide exists for law firms and…

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How Solos and Smalls Can Reach Rural Populations

For the past seven years, I’ve blogged about the legal services crisis in rural America. Yet despite creative solutions and a plethora of new programs, demand for lawyers in rural parts remains acute. Unfortunately, for the time being, pure tech solutions like online document providers aren’t likely to be effective. According to a recent Pew…

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Tax Implications of Productizing Legal Services

Converting legal services into products like self-help books and videos, assessment tools, apps or chatbots invariably raises the same perennial issues for lawyers. Some lawyers obsess about the ethics of commoditization such as whether a product sold nationally might place a lawyer in violation of unauthorized practice of law (UPL) prohibitions or give rise to…

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