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322 Legal Tech Tools for NonLawyers…That Lawyers Can Also Use

Last week, the American Bar Foundation released a Survey of Legal Tech for Non-Lawyers, authored by MacArthur Fellow, Professor Rebecca Sandefur. Sandefur’s exhaustive study identified 322 technology tools for non-lawyers that offer assistance with a range of criminal and civil problems. As shown on the chart, most of the tools serve one of three functions:…

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Take Our Test to Find Out Whether Your Website is a Conversion Machine

Many lawyers spend many, many, MANY dollars on SEO only to be disappointed with the results. The reason? SEO may lead prospective clients to your website, but it won’t make them convert. Once prospective clients come to your virtual doorstep, the onus is on you or your website to convert them. Want to see if…

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Get More Mileage Out of Your CLE Presentation With SoapBox

If you’ve ever presented at a CLE or conference, you know the drill.  Spend hours working on a slide deck and presentation, then a half-day attending the event – or maybe even more if you need to travel out of town. Meanwhile, many of the CLE presentations aren’t recorded or made publicly available so but…

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Find Black Letter Better With Casetext

Have you ever had to research a broad topic like whether a search is lawful under the Fourth Amendment or whether an employee is an independent contractor?   Although this kind of research question seems as if it would be simple to answer in twenty seconds, figuring out the black letter law on these kinds…

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ABA TechShow 2018: Tech Is Moving Faster Than Ever

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, I had the honor of speaking at ABA Tech Show  for the first time. Back then, cloud-based tools like Basecamp, Google Docs, Zoho and wikis were just coming on my radar as a means to  connect with and communicate with clients but law-specific practice management platforms…

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3 Ways to Win Over a Judge Before Showing up in the Court

Long before entering a courtroom, you can improve your chances of winning by positively predisposing a judge to you and your case. Learn how here.