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Everybody’s Doing a Brand New Brand Now: Do the LogoMotion!

Remember the song Locomotion — that catchy tune about a “brand new dance” that resurfaces every few decades as a cover? The tune came to mind as I was scoping out some of the newer online logo makers – where you can DIY a logo for free or cheap. So how about a doing a…

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Buzz-Feed Quizzes: Low-Brow Legal Tech for the Masses

Two weeks ago, reported on the legal technology behind the attorney response to the Trump travel ban. Although I feared that this might be yet another story about tech startups wrapping themselves in the banner of promoting access to justice , it wasn’t. Instead,  the piece focuses on solos and smalls as practical technologists…

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Learn About Legal Tech Without Leaving DC and for Free!

  Keeping pace with the latest tech has always been a challenge so I’m really excited to announce Evolve Law, an organization comprised of practicing attorneys at law firms of all sizes, academics, investors and legal entrepreneurs that strives to bring innovation to the legal profession through new ideas and technologies. To this end, one of…

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UPDATE to Study Finds Solo Lawyers Bill Only Two Hours A Day

You know the saying, “ask and ye shall receive?” It really works!  In yesterday’s post  Study Finds Solo Lawyers Bill Only Two Hours A Day, I questioned the results of a “Legal Trends Study” announced at the recent Clio Cloud Conference  that showed that solos use only a tiny fraction of the workday  for work…

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3 Ways to Win Over a Judge Before Showing up in the Court

Long before entering a courtroom, you can improve your chances of winning by positively predisposing a judge to you and your case. Learn how here.