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ABA TechShow 2018: Tech Is Moving Faster Than Ever

What a difference a decade makes. Ten years ago, I had the honor of speaking at ABA Tech Show  for the first time. Back then, cloud-based tools like Basecamp, Google Docs, Zoho and wikis were just coming on my radar as a means to  connect with and communicate with clients but law-specific practice management platforms…

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Power Hour One: Update That Profile!

Virtually every social media site or listing directory is strewn with incomplete profiles and barren social media accounts initiated by over enthusiastic users, then abandoned later. Moreover, now that many sites like Avvo, LinkedIn or Facebook have been around for more than a decade, profiles created back then may now be outdated or no longer…

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What One Lawyer Learned From a 50-Hour Data Science Bootcamp

With increased focus on the growing role of data science and data analytics in the future of law, I decided that it was high time to learn what all the fuss is about.  Initially, I considered taking a course on data analytics geared for lawyers, but shockingly, I couldn’t find much, with the exception of…

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Everybody’s Doing a Brand New Brand Now: Do the LogoMotion!

Remember the song Locomotion — that catchy tune about a “brand new dance” that resurfaces every few decades as a cover? The tune came to mind as I was scoping out some of the newer online logo makers – where you can DIY a logo for free or cheap. So how about a doing a…

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Buzz-Feed Quizzes: Low-Brow Legal Tech for the Masses

Two weeks ago, reported on the legal technology behind the attorney response to the Trump travel ban. Although I feared that this might be yet another story about tech startups wrapping themselves in the banner of promoting access to justice , it wasn’t. Instead,  the piece focuses on solos and smalls as practical technologists…

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