When Your Law Firm Needs Boots on the Ground, Take a Look at We Go Look

In a digital age, solo and small firm lawyers can largely accomplish what they need to online.  If you need help with getting discovery out or drafting a summary judgment brief, you can find project lawyers through sites like Law Clerk or Hire an Esquire.  Most case filling and organization can be handled by online clerks and paralegals provided that you can scan documents into digital format.  And sites like Google maps or Zillow can provide a preliminary look at an accident intersection or a particular neighborhood without a physical visit.

But sometimes a digital view won’t suffice  – which is where a company like WeGoLook.com comes into play.  WeGoLook’s “lookers” are independent contractors who can visit the site, take a look and then document with photos either by camera or drone, inspect a site for damages or pick up and review documents. I haven’t used the service myself but it seems that it could have many uses for solo and small attorneys who often don’t have national offices and may not have a colleague in another city to call on. Let me know if you’ve tried the service and how you’ve used it.

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