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Biglaw Late to the Law Template Party

Via the LawSites blog, I learned that biglaw firm Wilson Sonsini’s subsidiary SixFifty just launched a marketplace where businesses can purchase document templates on an ala carte basis.  If the concept sounds familiar, that’s because it is: solo and small law firms have been selling templates for years now as a second stream of revenue to, relying on out of

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Love These Days Like Any Other

When writer and memoirist Nina Riggs went through her first round of chemo for breast cancer, her husband shared how eager he was for the treatment to end so their life to return to normal.  To which Nina replied: “I have to love these days in the same way I love any other. There might not be a ‘normal’ from

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Judge Scott Schlegel

The Best Advice on How to Start a Law Firm Comes From A Judge!

For almost two decades, I’ve trolled the internet for good advice to share here on how to start or run a successful law firm.  And friends, let me tell you that it’s pretty slim pickings out there.  Many of the blog posts and e-books on starting a law firm are either written by the lawyer-version of Captain-Obvious (Stuff like pick

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There has never been a better time in the history of the legal profession to start a law firm.

ABOUT US was created to address the unmet demands and desires of solos and small law firms, the clients we serve and others in the legal profession who use our services or dream of going out on their own.

In contrast to most other sites geared for solo and small firm lawyers, which discuss the nuts and bolts of starting, operating and marketing a traditional general practice law firm, MyShingle has always offered support for a variety of solo lawyers – from those who run boutique or corporate practices that directly compete with large firms to lawyers looking to create a part time practice while caring for children or holding down a day job.