Unlock the Future of Legal Practice: Build Ethically Compliant Custom GPTs!

Are you ready to harness the power of AI to revolutionize your law practice? Join our comprehensive course, “Building Ethically Compliant Custom GPTs for Lawyers,” designed specifically for legal professionals looking to integrate cutting-edge technology into their practice while adhering to ethical standards. You’ll learn to build custom GPTs for internal use in your firm and as public facing tools for clients. 

Course Highlights:

🤖 Introduction to Custom GPTs: Learn the fundamentals of creating and utilizing custom GPTs to enhance client interactions and streamline legal processes.

🤖 Advanced Features: Dive deep into advanced AI functionalities, ensuring your tools are both powerful and compliant.

🤖 Ethical Compliance: Master the intricacies of ethical AI use, from disclosure requirements to maintaining confidentiality and avoiding unauthorized practice of law.

🤖 Practical Applications: Gain hands-on experience with real-world scenarios, ensuring your custom GPTs are accurate and reliable.

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Why should I pay for a course on ChatGPT instead of figuring it out myself for free? Many of the online how-to guides aren’t up to date or include superfluous information not relevant to lawyers.  Plus, the free programs won’t grant you access to disclosures and disclaimers needed to ensure ethics and legal compliance.

Can I really build something in three hours? Custom GPT is so powerful that you can have an mvp (minimum viable product) up and running in a few hours.  And we’ll show you how to train, test and iterate the basic model to continue to improve on it.

My firm handles sophisticated contracts and transactions. Is this program worthwhile for my firm?  Yes. While you probably won’t be able to build a customer GPT that will generate high-end documents, you can still develop a tool to help your firm internally – for example, generating uniform summaries of contracts or standard structure for opinion letters or marketing materials.

Does the course require advance prep? No but once you register, you’ll receive email tips on documents you may want to gather together to use to train your custom GPT.


📅 Date: July 25, 2024 1 pm – 4 pm ET

⌚ Duration: 3 hours

💻 Format: Online, interactive sessions and recordings

👩🏻‍🏫 Instructor:  Carolyn Elefant plus guest speakers TBD

💰 COST: Special introductory price of $149

Sign up and get IMMEDIATE access to the custom Estate Planning GPT that we’ll be using as one of our models along with an article on ethics considerations and best practices for custom GPT that we’ll use to develop disclosures and disclaimers. Finally, registrants receive a one year, 20 percent discount on future programs

About Carolyn Elefant

Carolyn Elefant is a practicing attorney and hearing officer, owner of the 20+ year old blog MyShingle.com who has leveraged digital technology for the past 30 years to serve clients and empower solo and small firm lawyers.  Since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022, Carolyn has spoken to almost 1000 attorneys through state bar CLE programs and MyShingle on generative Ai use in law practice and applicable legal and ethics compliance requirements.  She also assisted in the design and build of a ChatGPT powered Maryland Estate Planning Assistant.  A sample of Carolyn’s AI resources can be viewed at https://myshingle.com/ai-for-solo-small-firms/.  A graduate of Cornell Law School, Carolyn served on Legal Techshow Board 2023, is an ABA Legal Rebel, an inaugural Fastcase 50 recipient and winner of the American Legal Technology Lifetime Achievement award.

Join us and be at the forefront of the legal tech revolution. Enhance your practice, improve client satisfaction, and stay ahead of the competition with our expertly crafted course. Register today and take the first step towards a more efficient, compliant, and innovative legal practice!