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After You Hang Your Shingle…

So, you found the courage to hang your shingle. Now it’s time to find your tribe – a group of like-minded, equally ambitious and innovative lawyers who want to make money, make precedent and make a difference.  Let us help you find your tribe. Through MyShingle, I’m teaming up with Seth Price of Price Benowitz…

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#NewLaw Profile: Mark C. Del Bianco, Drone Law

On MyShingle, we celebrate the solo and small firm practitioner, and those at the forefront of innovation in the legal field. Our newest project, 41 Legal Practice Areas That Didn’t Exist 15 Years Ago highlights solo and small firm practitioners who have embraced unconventional and upcoming niche practices from Algorithm Law to eSports Law. Our…

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Make Money Mondays: How About A Side of Project?

Roughly a dozen years ago, when blogs and search engine optimization began gaining real traction as tools for finding clients, I celebrated the democratization of lawyer marketing. No longer would solos and smalls be forced to compete with large mill operations that could buy up the back cover of every edition of the Yellow Pages…

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FREE – DC-MD-VA Solo/Small Firm MeetUp!

Hey readers – it’s been a long time since MyShingle has hosted a meetup and so I’m really excited to announce that we’ll be co-hosting an event with LawFirm Mentor  and its founder, Allison Williams in Washington D.C. on January 10, 2019, at D.C. institution (and one of my favorite locations), Bus Boys & Poets.…

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Happy 16th Birthday My Shingle!

Hard to believe it’s been sixteen years since I launched MyShingle out into the world…but it is. Back when I started, there were only around 50 lawyer blogs if that much, now there may be 50,000. Back then, few people read blogs while today, blogging is on the decline, being supplemented or replaced by podcasts…

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$10 Million Dollar eBook

Although I created an eBook to grow a small practice, ebooks work equally well for large firms. Case in point: a  recent blog post by Professor Bill Henderson which described the experience of Chapman and Cutler, a large but innovative national firm. Back in 2013, when the issues of marketplace lending (i.e., lending by non-bank…

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MyShingle Lawyer Business Card Virtual Fishbowl Is Reopened!

Six years ago, in an effort to figure out how the heck to use Pinterest, I came up with the idea of creating a virtual fishbowl for lawyer business cards.  We collected nearly 100 cards in the Virtual Fishbowl but for one reason or another, I stopped actively asking for business card submissions. But recently,…

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3 Ways to Win Over a Judge Before Showing up in the Court

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