Announcing the Law Firm AI-ccelerator Speaker Line-Up


I get by with a little help from my friends.

The Beatles sure knew what they were talking about when they wrote that line.

Even if you’re starting a law firm alone as many of us do, help from friends, family and colleagues is important.  Surrounding yourself with a band of supporters from the beginning can help push you through those challenging days and provide you with an endless stream of advice and substantive knowledge.

Even now, later in my career, I’m grateful to the help of my talented friends and colleagues as I build the Law Firm StartUp AI-ccelerator program.  Here are some of the first-in-class experts who will be presenting as part of the course (more details to follow).  Keep in mind, these speakers are intended as inspiration and subject-matter resources.  You will still be doing the work under my supervision!

  • Victoria Collier – A seasoned attorney and entrepreneur, Victoria is a national expert on buying and selling law firms. Victoria will speak about starting your law firm with the end in mind so you can build a valuable asset from the get-go.
  • Regina Edwards – An experienced family law attorney, Regina is known not only for making flat fees work in the context of litigation, but for developing systems and her own proprietary products to facilitate efficiency and maximize profits.  Regina will show how to implement flat fees in almost any practice and why you should.
  • Kimberly Bennett – Kim’s name is synonymous with legal  subscription services as she’s one of the first attorneys to successfully crack the subscription code a decade ago.  Kim is also founder of Fidu Legal, an affordable platform for creating and selling subscription service.
  • Tom Martin A lawyer and founder of LawDroid, Tom has been developing AI products for years before ChatGPT became a household name.  Tom will explain how generative AI tools work because a sound understanding will help you evaluate products, terms of service and assess risk.  Tom will also share LawDroid’s AI capabilities for research and building your own law firm applications.
  • Sahmra Stevenson – Creator of the Wills on Wheels and Office Without Walls concept, Sahmra has been running a remote, mobile practice for at least a decade following tenure at an AmLaw 100 firm and non-profit.  Sahmra will share the systems that enable her to run her practice, serving both traditional, full pay clients and A2J. 
  • Jeena Belil – Following an unexpected layoff as in-house counsel at a major insurance company, Jeena launched a PI firm 15 years ago without a single client.  Today, Jeena’s firm is thriving with three offices and a team in the NY metropolitan area.  Jeena will talk about how she went from in-house to law firm owner.

To come: lawyers who have solo’d from biglaw and government.

CONTENT WEEK – We’ve got experts on virtually every aspect of content creation who will share tips along with suggestions on incorporating AI into marketing efforts.

BloggingKevin O’Keefe –  A former practicing attorney, Kevin founded Lexblog nearly 20 years ago, a company focused on helping lawyers blog and communicate with potential clients. Kevin will talk about blogging, how AI can support blogging, but why new tools don’t displace it.

Webinar-based marketingLaura Cowan is a NY-based estate planning lawyer and creator of the 2-Hour Lifestyle Lawyer (a conference sponsor) who relies heavily on webinars to market her practice.  She’ll share her best practices here with a focus on immediate implementation.

PodcastingMichael D.J. Eisenberg – Host of the two-years running Tech Savvy Lawyer podcast, Mike will share tips on how to get a podcast up and running quickly and affordably if that’s your marketing weapon of choice.

SEO/Digital MarketingAnnette Choti – Owner of LawQuill and author of Click Marketing, Annette has some of the most up to date information on SEO, digital marketing and reviews for lawyers just getting started.  She’ll offer tips that you can implement right away.

To come – Linkedin, Insta, TikTok and email marketing experts

What’s in a name – a panel of trademark attorneys and law firm owners (one who is also a website designer) will discuss topics like trademarking personal services law firm, and succession planning for brand and naming.

Don’t miss out!  Register for the Law Firm StartUp AI-ccelerator today and qualify for the $299 discount rate through midnight on Monday April 24!!