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Make Money Monday: Tout Your Tech

Can a law firm’s use of artificial intelligence be a selling point for clients?  Biglaw firm DLA Piper thinks so.

Last month, DLA Piper publicly announced that it would utilize Casetext’s groundbreaking platform, Co-Counsel which is powered by GPT-4 to perform substantive tasks such as legal research, document review, deposition prep, and contract analysis.  DLA Piper’s announcement also highlighted some of the important features of Co-Counsel, such as the lengthy, 4000-hour training and fine-tuning development process and its ability to keep data private and secure.  DLA concluded that; 

With CoCounsel, our attorneys will be able to enhance their services and create more agile and focused workflows by leveraging advanced purpose-built, AI technologies.

DLA Piper enjoys several benefits from touting its usage of Co-Counsel:

  • First, DLA positions itself as a cutting-edge law firm that’s nimble enough to incorporate a new technology that everyone’s been talking about for the past four months.
  • Second, DLA communicates to clients that it has tools to produce a superior product that others don’t, and that’s reason enough to retain the firm.
  • Third, by focusing on the lengthy development process of Co-Counsel and privacy features, DLA comes across as a prudent adopter that takes quality and client confidentiality into consideration when choosing a technology product.

Within the next six months to a year, both corporate clients and less sophisticated consumer clients will begin asking whether a law firm employs AI.  Think about it – if you have a serious medical issue, wouldn’t you inquire about whether your doctor is using robot-assisted surgical tools, and AI-driven personalized medical treatment plans to ensure that you’re receiving the most cutting-edge care available?  There’s no reason that clients won’t demand the same for their legal products.

So why not get out in front, and position yourself as an early adopter of AI before clients even have to ask?  

If a big firm like DLA Piper treats tech as a selling point for clients, why shouldn’t all of us?

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