Starting a Purpose-Driven Law Firm

purpose driven law firm

Lawyers Are Unhappy…But Not for the Reasons You Think One of the most common sources of lawyer unhappiness that’s also least discussed is the soul-crushing nature of the work that many of us do.  Whether it’s defending large companies with racist or sexist policies, or churning through cookie-cutter cases that are all the same, many…

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Love These Days Like Any Other


When writer and memoirist Nina Riggs went through her first round of chemo for breast cancer, her husband shared how eager he was for the treatment to end so their life to return to normal.  To which Nina replied: “I have to love these days in the same way I love any other. There might…

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Start a Law Firm To Serve Clients Biglaw Won’t

Solos and small firms are routinely subject to a disproportionate number of disciplinary actions and harsher penalties than their large firm counterparts.

Ordinarily, you’d expect a large law firm to celebrate one of its lawyers securing a major victory at the United States Supreme Court.  But that wasn’t Kirkland & Ellis reaction last June following then-partner Paul Clement’s win in a major gun rights case. Instead, the firm announced that it would no longer represent clients in…

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It’s Never to Late for Lawyers to Hit a Rich Strike

Rich Strike

Are you a lawyer of a certain generation who feels out of place in today’s supercharged, speedy world? It’s no wonder.   After all, we came of age at a time when we were taught that the wheels of justice grind slow. That we’d need to bill 2000 hours a year or more, year after painful…

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Your Greatest Flaws May Be Your Greatest Gift

So many lawyers, myself included, focus on what we do wrong rather than what we get right.  So we’ll hang our head in shame over our messy office, without acknowledging the extraordinary work product that we produced.  We’ll fret about our disorganization without giving ourselves credit for hitting deadlines and showing up.  We’ll spend hours…

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A Post Celebrating Thanksgivvukah, Menrukeys and Solos (Reprisal)

This year, the Jewish holiday of Hanukah arrives early on the secular calendar, just a few days on the heels of Thanksgiving.  Which makes this year perfect to reprise one of my favorite posts here at MyShingle.  Enjoy! Behold the Menurkey. Part Menorah, part Turkey, the Menurkey commemorates the intersection of Thanksgiving and Hanukah, two…

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