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Some Inspiration for Solo and Small Law Firms

Starting and running a law firm isn’t always the joyful journey that many of us imagine.  When it comes to the decision of whether to start a firm, many lawyers suffer from analysis paralysis, drawing up detailed business plans and weighing the pros and cons and waiting for “the right time,” (whenever that is) that…

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Stop Playing It Safe: Just Screw It & Start Your Own Law Firm

The 2018 Winter Olympics figure skating competition didn’t go exactly the way eighteen year old Olympic figure skater Nathan Chen had hoped. Entering the competition as the only male figure skater in the world to complete five different types of quadruple jumps in a single performance, Chen stumbled through the team competition and short skate…

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Trading Big Law for Legacy

For a quarter of a century, superstar commercial litigator Roberta Kaplan  was what I like to call “big law famous.” In other words, I imagine that  Kaplan, a litigation partner at powerhouse law firm Paul Weiss, was well-known to the small circle of biglaw folks who subscribe to publications Bloomberg  and American Lawyer  – but hardly…

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The Big Backpack and the Future of Law

By the time you read this post, I will be lounging on a beach by the Mediterranean, or toasting my younger daughter (who just chose the college she’ll attend) with a glass of sangria while watching a colorful sunset. For this holiday – as with every other time that I’ve traveled for more than a week…

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Can You Handle the Truth About Starting A Firm?

Nearly every lawyer is familiar with that iconic moment in A Few Good Men where Jack Nicholson’s character Colonel Jessup, backed into a corner under cross-examination by a young military defense lawyer Lieutenant Kaffee played by Tom Cruise, defiantly retorts back: “YOU WANT THE TRUTH? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH?”  Of course, this being an…

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One Thousand Points of Solo

In the fourteen years that I’ve been blogging at MyShingle, I occasionally have those moments when I think that this is the year that marks the end of solos, for realz. In some ways, we solos have been the victims of our own success. Solos and smalls have long been leaders in adapting new technology…

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Thank You Bustle for Recognizing That Solo Practice Can Be Part of an “Impressive” Legal Career


With D.C. Circuit judge Sri Srinivasan  being identified as a potential Obama nominee to succeed Justice Scalia on the bench, not surprisingly, the media has been churning out stories about everything from his immigrant background to his stellar credentials to his views on matters like the environment, women’s rights and the First Amendment. Interesting enough –…

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