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Inspiration & Encouragement

The Transformational Power of Law Firm Ownership

Back when I started my law firm as a green twenty-something five years out of law school, I invited a partner to lunch who worked at a law firm where I’d coveted a job. Of course, when I was out pounding the pavement for work just a few months before, I’d never have had the…

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What NOT To Do When You Start A Law Firm

Advice on starting a law firm abounds. All across the web – here, here , here  or here, you can find all kinds of tips and suggestions and plans on getting started. Have at it. But for today, let’s focus on a different topic: what NOT to do when you start a law firm. 1.…

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Starting A Law Firm = Life on the Wire

Five years ago, life irrevocably changed when I learned that my beloved husband  was diagnosed with brain cancer.  In the few seconds that it took the doctor to convey the news, my optimistic plans for my empty-nest future with my husband — working on law-tech projects together (there wasn’t a computer language that my husband…

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Tikkun Olam – Repairing the Legal Profession One Small Act At A Time

Every day, there’s one article or another about big problems with the legal profession.  Depression is rampant and young lawyers are stressed.  Access to justice remains a problem – one that’s heightened in rural areas where clients must often travel hundreds of miles to meet a lawyer.  And students still graduate from law school with six figure debt…

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Later in Life Law Firm Ownership

In today’s tech world, we celebrate the wunderkind – like the founders of Facebook or Google – who achieved so much at an early age. Law isn’t all that different when it comes to early achievement – which accolades like law review and judicial clerkship and second year jobs at biglaw often based entirely on…

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Why Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Own It: Freedom To Fight The System

For many lawyers, starting or owning a law firm remains at best, a consolation prize – sloppy seconds to employment as a lawyer – and at worst, an undesirable career path that ranks far lower than positions in legal ops or legal tech that don’t even require a J.D. At law schools, starting a law…

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Lat Lessons for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers

When you think about influencers in the solo, small firm and law firm startup space, David Lat  — who yesterday announced his departure  from Above the Law, a biglaw-focused publication to take on a director’s position at Lateral Link, a biglaw focused recruiting firm — is hardly the first or even last name to come…

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Are Our Stories Sacred – Or Just A Sales Pitch?

Back when my next-in-age sister and I were very little, we’d hop off the school bus and careen into the house where we’d plop down at the kitchen table to inhale the after school snack that our mom set out. As we munched our Ritz crackers or ShopRite brand oreos, we’d joke around, trying to…

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