Love These Days Like Any Other

When writer and memoirist Nina Riggs went through her first round of chemo for breast cancer, her husband shared how eager he was for the treatment to end so their life to return to normal.  To which Nina replied:

“I have to love these days in the same way I love any other. There might not be a ‘normal’ from here on out.”

Sadly, Nina was right.  As we learn in her memoir, The Bright Hour, Nina’s days were indeed limited; she passed away just a few years after her diagnosis.

When you start a law firm, there’s so much in the beginning that’s hard.  Balky tech that rarely works as quickly or easily as the demo’s make it seem.  Clients who won’t pay their bills or try to negotiate a bargain.  The challenges and stress of learning a new practice area while you’re actually practicing.

Some days it can seem like maybe starting or growing your law firm was a terrible mistake.  And maybe it was.  Because the truth is, there are no guarantees.

Which is why you have to love all the days – the salad days as well as those days that you knock it out of the park.  Because none of us know, really, where this crazy ride might end. It’s only a waste if we don’t love…and learn from the journey.

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