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Overwork is Overrated

Today, we’re honored to host a guest post from Dina Eisenberg, a lawyer turned Outsourcing Strategist and founder of .  Dina’s varied background includes legal practice, consulting to Fortune 500 ranked companies as well as being a guest lecturer at Harvard University Law School.  Today, Dina helps lawyers who are doing well but overworked and feeling…

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More MyShingle Resources for Starting A Law Firm

If 2019 is the year you decided to start or plan your law firm, MyShingle has some additional resources to support you.  We’ve updated our Facebook page here where you’ll find daily articles and videos on starting a practice. We’ve also uploaded our daily video series to YouTube, where you’ll find videos on a bunch…

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How Much Should I Charge For Legal Services: Whatever You Want

One of the most frequently-asked questions by lawyers starting their own firm is “how much should I charge?”  And believe it or not, the answer isn’t that old lawyerly stand-by of “it depends.” Instead, the correct response to the question of how much to charge is “whatever you want.” Let me explain. Price is all…

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Start One, Start Many

For many, the challenge of starting one business is hard enough. But once you’ve started one business, the next are not as intimidating. Take the example of Minneapolis based solo Judith Samson. A criminal defense attorney by day, Samson, who is profiled here is an inventor and entrepreneur the rest of the time, having created…

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Make 2019 the Year You Start Your Law Firm – Books

Like many lawyers, I’ve always loved books.  When it comes to books relating to practicing law and starting and growing a firm or business, my reading selections fall into two distinct categories. First, there are the books aimed at startups that focus on unique ideas and emerging trends that I can readily apply to my…

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The Changing Look of the Law Office

Last week, Bisnow reported on the changing look of the modern law office. No longer palatial structures with marble floors, Persian-rugged corner offices and mahogany conference room tables designed to impress clients and intimidate opposing counsel, today’s law offices resemble high tech firms with sparsely furnished, open layouts, fishbowl offices and brightly lit collaboration spaces.…

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Take Stock, Trim and Pivot

Even though a full month still remains in 2017, it’s not too early to start planning for the year ahead. And one of the best ways to position your firm for success in the future is to take a look back at the past. While there are plenty of end of year checklists that deal…

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