Emerging Developments in Flat Fees

rules on flat fees

Since this last post summarizing 15 states’ ethics opinions on flat fees as of September 2022, there have been some new developments on the flat fee front. None of these rulings are particularly helpful. If anything, they further complicate flat fee billing. Fortunately, there are workarounds to solve the problem, one of which you can…

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Systemising Your Law Firm While Keeping The Human Element

systemising your law firm

[sponsored blog post by LexReception.com] Streamlining, optimizing and automating are key to growing or scaling a practice. According to research by Clio, the average lawyer billed just 2.5 hours of an 8-hour day. That means either they do not take on enough clients, or lawyers across the US are struggling with inefficiency.  Firms using multiple…

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Biglaw Late to the Law Template Party

how legal forms can help firms

Via the LawSites blog, I learned that biglaw firm Wilson Sonsini’s subsidiary SixFifty just launched a marketplace where businesses can purchase document templates on an ala carte basis.  If the concept sounds familiar, that’s because it is: solo and small law firms have been selling templates for years now as a second stream of revenue…

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How Much Do Solo and Small Firm Lawyers Earn?

Solo By Choice

How Much Do Solos Earn? An Excerpt from Solo by Choice: Among its expansive topics, Solo by Choice briefly covers what solos earn – a topic I’ve also addressed at MyShingle here and here. Accurate information on solo salaries are hard to come by given the variation in practices, the fact that many solos also…

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To Trust or Not To Trust: What to Do With Flat Fees? (Part I)

Flat Fees

 Some lawyers refuse to experiment with flat fee billing – not because of confusion over how to set prices or concerns over under-charging — but because they believe that flat fees raise ethical red flags. Truth is, the vast majority of jurisdictions allow flat fee billing, but at the same time, they also impose caveats…

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If You Must Hire An Unpaid Intern, Here’s a Contract for That

For many law students, the summer of 2021 has proved challenging.  With the pandemic grip still tight back in the fall of 2020, many firms cut back or cancelled summer programs entirely to avoid another awkward summer of remote work.  Meanwhile, as placement offices failed to get their act together when law schools opened virtually,…

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