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Second Cities for Law Firms

Last year, I blogged about Second City Solos which suggested that lawyers may have more success in getting a new law practice off the ground since they’ll face less competition than they would in major metropolis cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles, NeW York City, Washington D.C., etc… But today, I came across this article…

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A How To Guide on Using the MyShingle Online Legal Job Board

Last week, MyShingle soft-launched our online Job Fair for Solo or Small Law Firms seeking to hire law students or new lawyers as interns, clerks or associates or for temporary or project-based work; Legal Tech Companies looking for new lawyer hires, or for interns, beta testers, secondments, advisors or board members; and Law Students and…

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Work Life Travel: The Fantasy and the Reality

A few months back when I first contemplated a two week trip overseas, I accepted that I’d have to put in some work-time in exchange for a prolonged holiday. Even so, I envisioned waking up a few hours sipping a cafe con leche on the balcony and watching the sunrise, while tapping out a blog…

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Lawyers Mobilize Against Trump’s Immigration Ban – What Solos & Smalls Can Do

At airports across the country, thousands of lawyers have mobilized to represent immigrants who may, or have been detained as a result of Trump’s Executive Order  (January 27, 2017) . For those not closely following the details, the EO indefinitely bars Syrian refugees from entering the United States, suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days and…

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