Make Money Monday: Using Law Firm Technology To Make Your Practice Faster, Better & Cheaper.


Back in the day, better, faster and cheaper was unattainable for most lawyers. If clients wanted the job done quickly, they could expect to pay a premium while sacrificing quality.  Meanwhile, clients paying bargain basement prices would get what they paid for: substandard quality delivered in an untimely manner.

Today, not only has tech made the trifecta of faster, better and cheaper possible but it’s also made it an expectation. In the digital age, clients demand faster, better AND cheaper and if lawyers can’t deliver, clients have other options (including not using a lawyer at all). It’s that topic – faster, better, cheaper that was the subject of my recent presentation to the DC Bar Trial Lawyers Mid-Year Conference – and you can view the recap here. Tools covered include:

  • Law practice management tools – both designed for the legal industry and generic;
  • Self-scheduling products (such as Acuity which I also wrote about here ;
  • Cool intake forms (also covered briefly here;
  • Chatbots;
  • Invoicing and billing tools; and
  • AI, data analytics, AR/VR and what lies ahead

There’s also a quick discussion of ethics and privacy and consumer protection laws at the end.

Truth be told, doing this recap was also a great way to play around with Soapbox, a Chrome extension that makes it incredibly easy to produce a really nice looking video (for my experience with Soapbox, view here.

Hope you enjoy the presentation. Let me know if there are any others you’d like to hear.