Say Hello to the 7-figure ebook + ChatGPT.

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What if you could create a marketing tool in under seven hours that could generate seven figures in revenue?

As I discovered accidentally in my own law practice, the e-book is one of the least expensive and most effective marketing tool out there. This humble ebook that I created back in 2010 has since generated seven figures in business for my practice.

So what’s an ebook?

Essentially, an ebook is an informational piece of content that compiles what you know about a given subject matter into one place, using different devices to break up the monotony such as FAQs, process charts, checklists, assessments and underlying source material.

Why does an ebook work so well?

  • An ebook educates potential clients about their legal problem and establishes you as a trusted authority on the subject;
  • An ebook demonstrates expertise to other lawyers or professionals who encounter a particular issue in their practices and may need to make a referral;
  • An ebook can serve as a resource for overwhelmed government agencies, community groups and other organizations to pass on to members and in essence, do your marketing for you;
  • An ebook can help build your email list, a durable asset among fickle third party social media platforms

But if an ebook works so well, why aren’t more lawyers doing them?

Two reasons.

FIrst, Ebooks are proven, but they’re not sexy – and many lawyers – encouraged by marketers often flit to what’s shiny and new instead of what’s tried and true;

Second, lawyers often think that they don’t have the time to create an ebook.

But GPT3 chat has changed all that.

         WIth the recent launch of GPT3 chat, an ebook that may have taken two weeks to outline, draft and format can now be completed in a mere two hours.

What’s more, GPT3 is breathing second life into ebooks which serve as a way to experiment with cutting edge technology and make money besides. What could be more sexy than that?

 If you want to learn how to use GPT3 and make money for your law firm besides, then join me for a FREE webinar on The Seven Figure ebook revisited. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • the story of my own ebook and how it produced seven figures in revenue despite breaking every marketing rule;
  • How to employ GPT3 technology and commands to identify a compelling topic for an ebook, an outline, an intro and text (with whatever tone you’re looking for), disclaimer – and even the right colors to the design;
  • How to add extras like checklists, FAQS, timelines and forms to give your ebook further value to potential clients and referral sources and make your book unique;
  • How to use Canva to design a professional looking ebook that’s easy to circulate by email or print out and distribute
  • How to get your ebook in the hands of your target clients and referral sources.

This is a hands on presentation.  I will show you exactly how to generate the ebook live during the webinar using a couple of sample topics as a prototype

You will never have another opportunity to learn a new technology and make money off of it besides!! Don’t delay – sign up today!

Missed the webinar? You can still access the recording and related materials by registering here:

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