One Sheet Generator

Welcome to the One Sheet Generator

Thank you for choosing the One Sheet Generator. Your professional one sheet is just a series of clicks away! The One Sheet Generator was created as a program for solo attorneys to generate a custom one sheet for themselves and their businesses.

What is a One Sheet? It is a single page summary document that gives the reader a concise overview of the person they are reading about. One sheets are useful in the business world and can also be great marketing tools. It is filled with information that piques the interest of the reader, reeling them in for more!

In order to provide you with a professional, tailored One Sheet we will ask you to make a handful of selections and fill out a series of text boxes that will provide us with the necessary information to generate the perfect One Sheet for your needs.

Please read through all directions carefully as you move through each page. You will need the following in order to complete your One Sheet:

  • Your Name
  • Your Business or Firm Name and contact information
  • Your Biographical information and a short personal summary of what defines you (sometimes called a “personal tag line”)
  • A Call-out Quotation about your services, Client Testimonial, or other important information you would like to stand out on your One Sheet
  • A list of Credentials and Accolades
  • A list of Workshops, with brief descriptions, you provide or have attended
  • Several images: preferably a company logo, a professional head shot, or similar image to show you and your business
  • and any other information about you and your business you wish to include in your One Sheet

Let’s get started!