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How Legal Ethics Rules on Non-Fee Splitting Platforms Lead to Unintended Consequences and Ludicrous Results

June 20, 2018

Today, my blogging buddy Bob Ambrogi posted about a soon-to-be-launching platform Text A Lawyer. Designed to mimic the convenience of Uber, Text-a-Lawyer would allow users to text legal questions via their phones for just $20 and have them answered by a lawyer within minutes. Text-a-Lawyer is a great idea for many reasons. First, because text is…

Some Poor Advice on Rainmaking in Law Practice Today

March 6, 2005

Usually, I like to highlight articles that our audience should read and follow.  But here’s one that you really shouldn’t – unless you want to learn what not to do to market a practice.  This…

Lawyers Serving Those Who’ve Served

March 6, 2005

There’s an interesting practice area desribed in this article, Lawyers Look for Errors in VA Claims, Beth Silver, (3/6/05):  Veteran’s Law.  As the article reports, two Minneapolis attorneys, Tracy Capistrant and Becca Wong specialize…

What’s Your Tagline?

March 6, 2005

Are you a “Heavy Hitter” – or  a lawyer who means business?  What about a Tiger?  These are just a couple of the slogans mentioned in this brief article here. What’s your slogan – and…

What NOT to Put In A Retainer Agreement

February 28, 2005

As we at MyShingle have said many times, a retainer agreement is one of the most important tools that we lawyers have to protect ourselves from unscrupulous or troublesome clients.  It should be obvious though…

Fabulous Resource from the Texas YLA

February 28, 2005

Kudos to the Texas Young Lawyers Association for this innovative project,, an online library of video presentations on topics like substantive law (mostly Texas, but some, like the talk on Ten Tips for Federal…

Supreme Solos

February 28, 2005

October marks the Supreme Court’s return to the bench after summer recess.  But for the past four years, it’s also marked the Supreme Court group admission of roughly thirty solo attorney from all over the…

What’s Worse – A Lying Lawyer or A Stupid, Greedy One?

February 26, 2005

In this bizarre story, Attorney Punished for False Promises, Adam Kovac, Daily Herald (2/26/05) concerning a disciplinary action brought against attorney Cynthia Sutherin who duped her co-workers into joining what turned out to be a…

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How Do Clients Find Their Lawyers?

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