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Some Inspiration for Solo and Small Law Firms

April 20, 2018

Starting and running a law firm isn’t always the joyful journey that many of us imagine.  When it comes to the decision of whether to start a firm, many lawyers suffer from analysis paralysis, drawing up detailed business plans and weighing the pros and cons and waiting for “the right time,” (whenever that is) that…

Small Firm Effort for Tsunami Victims

January 13, 2005

Matt Homann has issued this challenge to solo and small firm lawyers to collectively raise $100,000 for tsunami victims.  Visit the link and see how to help.

The Birth of Two New Practices and Weblogs

January 8, 2005

One of the things that I love most about running MyShingle and writing my column for Small Firm Business is that it’s put me in touch with dozens of readers – law students and practicing…

Still Waiting for My Archives

January 8, 2005

Our long time readers will recall that our site has been in operation for two years and had working links, deep archives and a nifty On Line Guide to Starting a Law Firm.  Unfortunately, we…

More Marketing Tips – For When Business is Slow

January 8, 2005

January must be national marketing month for lawyers.  Here’s yet another article on marketing, this one by Kimberly Fanady on What to Do When the Phone Stops Ringing , Small Firm Business (January 10, 2005). …

Another Article on Disatisfaction in the Legal Profession

January 8, 2005

This article, Web site tells of woes of attorneys (SF Chronicle 1/8/05) reports on the Anonymous Lawyer phenonenom, speculating that the site may “make you feel sorry for lawyers.”  The article then goes on to…

Marketing on the Cheap: Some Tips

January 7, 2005

If you’re just starting out as a solo, you may wonder how you can ever get the work out about your practice when some types of marketing measures like Yellow Pages, TV or even ads…

Law Marketing Ezine

January 6, 2005

I’ve started reading Nader Anise’s marketing ezine.  I find Nader’s brashness about marketing quite refreshing.  So many law marketing experts pussyfoot around the need for marketing or give the same advice – network and join…

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