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New Jersey Court Orders Lawyers to Disclose Competitors’ Billing Practices and to Use Data To Inform Clients of Likelihood of Success

March 20, 2019

Last week, the New Jersey Supreme Court granted certification to hear an appeal of the Appellate Division’s ruling in Balducci v. Cige, Docket No. A-3068-16T2 (August 30, 2018) which voided an attorney’s hourly fee agreement with a client for a discrimination action because the lawyer failed to advise the client that other firms could handle…

Dealing With Difficult Clients

April 25, 2005

This month’s issue (April 2005) of Law Practice Today is devoted to malpractice – or rather, how to avoid malpractice.  All of the articles are pretty interesting; one in particular that stood out was Carole…

Lawyer Successfully Challenges NC Bar’s Comity Rules

April 25, 2005

This article, A Break from the Comity Routine, Cynthia Lane, ABA e-report (4/22/05) reports on lawyer Steven Morrison’s successful challenge to North Carolina’s rules on comity admissions.  Under the rule declared overly restrictive by the…

Solo Stories from the Front

April 21, 2005

Here are a couple of first hand accounts on going solo:  The First Year, a short blog post by patent attorney Russ Kraject (4/17/05) and Hanging Out A Shingle:  Following the Dream of Starting Your…

Former Biglaw African American Associates Hang A Shingle

April 21, 2005

If you’re a biglaw associate, do you stay at your firm and let the partners get rich off your work and credentials?  Or leave and take advantage of that market yourself?  The latter approach is…

Federal Judges Honor Pro Bono – But Exclude Solos

April 19, 2005

According to this Press Release, the Chief Judges of the D.C. Circuit will be honoring eight Washington D.C. law firms for commitment to pro bono as evidenced by meeting a benchmark of 40 percent of…

Firms Are Starting Client Surveys

April 19, 2005

Even if you own your own practice, don’t forget, you can still lose your job:  according to this article, Law Firms Learn to Measure Client Satisfaction, San Jose Biz Journal (4/8/05),  almost 60 percent of…

They Could Have Stayed At Biglaw…But Didn’t

April 19, 2005

To those of you toiling at large firms, wondering whether you could make it on your own, this post’s for you.  Here’s two examples of attorneys with large firm backgrounds and large firm specialties (securities…

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