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Why The Revisions to the ABA’s Advertising Rule Represent Everything Wrong With the ABA

August 7, 2018

Yesterday on Twitter, I encountered a stream of tweets about the ABA House of Delegates recent amendments to Model Rules 7.1 – 7.5, hailing them as a game-changing, significant update to the existing regulations.  Unwilling to rely on tweets as a primary source, I hustled over to the peruse the changes which are set out…

Marketing on the Cheap: Some Tips

January 7, 2005

If you’re just starting out as a solo, you may wonder how you can ever get the work out about your practice when some types of marketing measures like Yellow Pages, TV or even ads…

Law Marketing Ezine

January 6, 2005

I’ve started reading Nader Anise’s marketing ezine.  I find Nader’s brashness about marketing quite refreshing.  So many law marketing experts pussyfoot around the need for marketing or give the same advice – network and join…

Corporations Looking for Law Firms With Low Cost

January 6, 2005

Fellow blogger Janell Grenier of tipped us off to this article, Tech Revolution: Change or Die by Laura Owen, Director of Legal Services for Cisco Corp.  Dennis Kennedy and Ernie the Attorney recently posted…

Stop Whining, Start Asking

January 5, 2005

David Giacalone has this post on how law firm associates ought to start taking responsibility for their long hours rather than expecting the “powers-that-be” to do it for them.  David offers this qutoe by MCI…

She Won’t Take No for an Answer

January 5, 2005

"She won’t take "No" for an answer is a great tagline, in my opinion – and it’s one that’s working effectively as a jingle for West Virginia attorney Jan Dils as reported in this article…

Anonymous Lawyer Revealed

December 27, 2004

This story’s been heavily covered all around the blawg world: the unmasking of the formerly anonymous Anonymous Lawyer as Harvard Law Third Year Jeremy Blachman. You can learn all of the details from this New…

What’s Common to Car Dealers, Ad Men and Lawyers?

December 27, 2004

Car dealers, advertisers and lawyers.  Results of a recent survey present these professions as the most unethical and dishonest as perceived by respondents and reported in this article, No Respect, Asbury Park Press (12/27/04).   By…

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How Do Clients Find Their Lawyers?

There are many ways a potential client may find you, but which channels should your law firm be focusing its marketing strategy on?