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April 2007

Staring at Strangers: A New Blog

April 5, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

What do you get when you combine the writing talents of two lawyers, one from New York and the other from Mexico? Staring at Strangers of course, a new blog authored by New York lawyer David Leffler and Jennifer Rose, a lawyer and writer based in Mexico. Leffler and Rose share their observations of life […]

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See your name up in lights

April 3, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

I don’t attract any business through signs or billboards, but I found this story neat. This blurb from the New York Times (4/3/07) reports on a dentist who put her name up in lights. From the story: This was about 18 months ago, after Dr. Correa had opened an office above a McDonald’s, overlooking what […]

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How Not To Price

April 3, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

Over at Legal Blogwatch, I posted about a case of outrageous billing by Debra Opri, attorney to Larry Birkhead, who claims to be father to Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter. Exhorbitant charges included thousand dollar dinners where Birkhead wasn’t present, substantial cell phone roaming charges and even expenses for personal laundry. The 112 page invoice totaled […]

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Summary of Ms.JD at Susan Cartier-Liebel’s Site

April 1, 2007 by Carolyn Elefant

I can’t add anything except a big “me too!” to Susan Cartier-Liebel’s exhaustive summary of the recent Ms. JD conference held at Yale Law School yesterday.  The conference gave me a chance to finally meet Susan and reconnect with Lisa Solomon, Brandy Karl and, briefly, Cathy Kirkman whom I’d met previously. [Update] Lisa Solomon has […]

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