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Announcing….SOLOFORMANIA – now in beta!

by Carolyn Elefant on June 19, 2007 · 1 comment

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My site has been dead for so long, that I couldn’t wait to get some new content going. So here it is, in beta…SOLO-formania. What is SOLOFORMANIA? It’s a cornucopia of forms for the busy solo – ranging from FREE sample practice guides, fee agreements and retainer letters, to court forms for all 50 states (some free, some fee) to general form files on the Internet. I’ll put a link up at the sidebar for now, until I finish revamping the site. (Though the Online Guide should be upgraded soon).

You’re free to link to SOLOFORMANIA at your site, so long as you attribute MyShingle.

Update: Caveat on using forms. Forms are a terrific starting place but for your practice, but they are just that – a good start. If you view forms from other jurisdictions (which is useful), be sure to check whether they comport with the ethics rules where you practice. And adapt forms for a particular task. For example, when I draft retainer letters, I always include a fairly detailed scope of work so that clients understand which tasks are covered and which are not.

  • Craig Miller

    I applaud your collection of forms and would like to add to your list of resources a couple of sites if you wouldn’t mind. While these are not free, there are “free” forms featured (i.e. all federal forms). and are excellent resources for the solo practitioner and the small firm practicing attorney. The forms are state-specific and updated regularily to reflect changes in statutes, court decisions, and practice. sells attorney quality forms for all areas of practice on a per piece basis. offers subscriptions by state. Both rely on a comprehensive data set that has been amassed and updated since 1998. If you would be so kind to include us in your list, I believe, as most of our customers are solo practitioners, you would be providing a more valuable service. Great work.

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